A Collection of Sayings of the Companions of Blessed Francis - 131 

no one else will have." It is believed that Francis said this after he had been assured of eternal life.

2The holy Conrad told how blessed Francis was always sad and lived with great sorrow, so much so that the Lord appeared to him to say: "Why are you so sad, Francis? Have I not forgiven all your sins?" Blessed Francis replied: "It is true, Lord, but you have not made me certain of eternal life." Christ gave no answer to this, so blessed Francis always remained downcast, and this is believed to have lasted several years. Because the Lord forgave blessed Francis every debt down to the last penny at the beginning of his conversion, he was assured of eternal life about the time the stigmata were impressed in his hands and feet and side. The remission of all his sins took place at Saint Mary of the Angels; the assurance of eternal life at San Damiano.


1Brother Leo told this about himself, as if about another, saying in this way, that a certain companion of blessed Francis saw a miracle of his, in that going along the way with him, blessed Francis said to him: "Go back!" And he said this with vehement emotion. The brother was leaving him as quickly as he could, when he saw a piece of paper fall from the sky upon his head and swirl around his feet. The brother looked closely, caught the paper and picked it up. But what happened to the paper is unknown to this day.


1Another time Brother Leo suffered a fever at night, and in the morning Francis called him and said: "Get up, brother, and come with me."

2Brother Leo got up and went with him without telling him that he had that night suffered a fever. He did this because he did not want to pass up the presence of blessed Francis. Then the Lord showed him this vision while walking down the road with our blessed father Francis. He saw the Lord ahead of blessed Francis, and the face of the Lord was looking at the face of blessed Francis.

4However, it is believed that whatever went on in the heart of blessed Francis appeared outwardly in the eyes of Brother Leo.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 131