A Collection of Sayings of the Companions of Blessed Francis - 129 


1Blessed Conrad heard from Brother Leo, the companion of Saint Francis, that what had been done through blessed Francis was nothing compared to what was to happen in the future. So blessed Conrad asked him when that would be. He replied that it would be in the time of those great tribulations, but he did not say what it would be. Some have guessed that he would appear bodily in the world because of the questions and terrible tribulations that would arise.


1Once Brother Leo, companion of Saint Francis, sent a letter to Brother Conrad. In it were contained those terrible things that were to come upon the Order on account of sins. After some time he saw Brother Leo, and had it from his own mouth, as Brother Conrad himself tells it, that when blessed Francis came from prayer he always related something new.

3As Moses with God and God with him, so Saint Francis spoke with the Lord, and the Lord fully related to him future events, concerning not only the Order but also the whole Church until the end of the world. So one time he came from prayer seeming upset, and the brothers said to him: "What is it, father?" He replied: "While I was at prayer, I begged the Lord for peace for the Christian people, because it was revealed to me that many trials would come upon the Christian people. And so the Lord Jesus Christ was kind enough to appear to me and say: 'Francis, I am pleased that you beg for the peace of my people, but do this for me: that your brothers remain in the state in which I have placed them. And if in the whole world there remain no others, I promise you that for love of you and your brothers I will not allow another trial to come, except at the end of the world. But I inform you that the brothers will abandon me, and I will be forced to send them tribulations, though I will not do it as quickly as they deserve. Not for them will I delay, but for the world. The world has no second eye, and when it loses this one there will be no faith. But a time will come when I will call the demons and say to them: "Put scandal between the Lesser Brothers and the world, because I will not oppose you. And then those who want to be your brothers will have to wear your habit through the woods." ' "

9Then blessed Francis replied: "Lord, how will the brothers be

able to live?" The Lord said to him: "Francis, I will give them such strength and such flavor in plants, as the children of Israel had from the manna in the desert for forty years. Then it will be necessary that




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 129