A Book of the Praises of Saint Francis (1277-1283) - 72 

blessed Francis, she deserved to receive the sight that she never had.

3At the tomb of the holy body, a blind man from Spello recovered his sight, which he had lost long before.

4In the city of Arezzo, in the church of blessed Francis built near the city, a woman who had not been able to see for eight years recovered the sight she had lost.

5In the same city the son of a poor woman was granted sight by blessed Francis when the mother vowed him to the saint.

6In Poggibonsi of the diocese of Florence there was a blind woman who, because of a revelation, began to visit an oratory dedicated to blessed Francis. When she was brought there and lay pitiably before the altar, she suddenly received her sight and found her way home without a guide.

7Another woman, from Camerino, was totally blind in her right eye. Her parents covered the damaged eye with a cloth that the blessed Francis had held. After making a vow, she recovered her sight.

8Another woman of Gubbio, after making a similar vow, received her sight.

9A blind man from Assisi, after losing his sight for five years, was cured as soon as he touched his tomb.

10Albertino from Narni was blind, for his eyelids hung down over his eyes. Vowing himself to the blessed Francis, he merited to regain his sight and to be healed.


1A woman in the region of Apulia had long ago lost the ability to speak and to breathe freely. One night while she slept the most blessed Virgin Mary appeared to her and said, "If you want to be cured, go to the church of blessed Francis in Venosa; there you will receive the cure you desire." The woman went to that church of the saint where she poured out her heartfelt request, immediately vomited a mass of flesh, and was marvelously healed in the sight of all.

2In the town of Nicosia, a priest became deranged and mute. At the invocation of Blessed Francis, he regained his speech and was freed of his madness.

3A woman in the diocese of Arezzo mute for seven years asked God with a great desire to loosen her tongue. While she slept two brothers appeared and warned her to vow herself to Blessed Francis.




Liber de Laudibus Beati Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1292-1294

visum, quem nunquam habuerat, beati Francisci meritis meruit invenire.

19Caecus quidam de Spello coram tumulo Sancti corporis visum diu perditum reinvenit.

20In civitate Aretii mulier per VIII annos non viderat, in ecclesia beati Francisci prope civitatem constructa visum amissum recepit.

21In eadem civitate filius pauperis mulieris a beato Francisco, cui voverat eum mater, illuminatus est.

22In Podio Bonici Florentinae dioecesis mulier caeca quoddam beati Francisci oratorium per revelationem visionis [visitare coepit]; cum illuc delata coram altari miseranda iaceret, continuo visum recipiens sine duce ad propria remeavit.

23Mulier una de Camerino dextri oculi lumine privata ex toto, cum parentes eius pannum, quem beatus Franciscus tenuerat, super oculum posuissent, facto voto, lumen recuperavit amissum.

24Alia mulier de Eugubio, facto similiter voto, illuminata est.

25Caecus quidam de Assisio, per quinquennium perdito lumine oculorum, ad tactum sepulcri beati Francisci exstitit liberatus.

26Albertinus de Narnio, amisso lumine oculorum et palpebris usque ad genas dependentibus, beato Francisco se vovens illuminari meruit et sanari.

De mutis et surdis curatis.

27Quaedam mulier in Apuliae partibus diu loquelam perdiderat et respirationis liberae facultatem. Cui nocte dormienti apparuit beatissima Virgo Maria dicens: « Si vis fieri sana, perge ad ecclesiam beati Francisci apud Venusium et optatam ibi recipies sanitatem ». Ivit mulier ad dictam Sancti ecclesiam ibique pleno corde poscens suffragium et statim massa carnis evomita, cunctis cernentibus, fuit mirifice liberata.

28In oppido Nicosino sacerdos quidam mutus et insanus effectus ad invocationem beati Francisci loquelae officium, ab insania liberatus, assequitur.

29In Aretina dioecesi mulier per septennium muta Deum magno desiderio pro linguae dissolutione rogabat. Et ecce dormiens duo sibi assistentes fratres monuerunt, ut se beato Francisco voveret.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 72