A Book of the Praises of Saint Francis (1277-1283) - 69 

Chapter IX

1As in Francis's life, so after his passing, the Lord did not cease to magnify his saint by miraculous signs. Some instances of these are offered here.


1A young girl was brought to his tomb, who, for over a year, had suffered a deformity in her neck so hideous that her head rested on her shoulder and she could only look sideways. She put her head for a little while beneath the coffin in which the treasure of the saint's body rested, and through the merits of that most holy man she was immediately able to straighten her neck, and her head was restored to its proper position. At this the girl was so overwhelmed at the sudden change in herself that she started to run away and to cry. There was a depression in her shoulder where her head had been when it was twisted out of position by her prolonged affliction.

2Niccoló of Foligno was so crippled in his left leg that it caused him extreme pain, and because of it his neighbors could not sleep at night because of his cries. When medicine did not help, dedicating himself to Saint Francis, he had himself carried to his tomb. After spending a night there in prayer, his crippled leg was cured and, overflowing with joy, he returned home without a cane.

3A boy had one leg so deformed that his knee was pressed against his chest and his heel against his buttocks. He was carried to the tomb of the blessed Francis, and suddenly his health was fully restored.

4There was also a little girl in Gubbio; her hands and all her limbs were so crippled that for over a year she lost total use of them. Carrying a wax image, she was brought to the tomb of Saint Francis. After she had been there for eight days, one day all her limbs were restored to their proper functions.

5There was another boy from Montenero lying for several days in front of the doors of the church where the body of Saint Francis




Liber de Laudibus Beati Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1287-1289

Caput IX
De quibusdam miraculis,

et primo de contractis erectis.

9 1Porro sicut in vita sic et post transitum claris signorum prodigiis mirificare non desinit Dominus Sanctum suum; de quibus hic aliqua subiiciuntur exempla.

Puella quaedam per annum habens collum monstruose plicatum et caput humero sic annexum, quod non nisi ex obliquo respicere poterat, ad Sancti sepulcrum delata, dum caput sub arca, in qua pretiosus sanctissimi corporis thesaurus erat absconditus, posuisset, confestim collum exiit, ut ex sui mutatione subita stupefacta coeperit fugere ac plorare. Apparebat in humero, cui caput applicatum fuerat, fovea quaedam propter situm, quoniam infirmitas fuerat diuturna.

2Nicolaus de Fulgineo crus sinistrum habens contractum nimio dolore gravatus in tantum, quod vicinos vix ob clamores dormire dimitteret, cum nulla eum medicamenta iuvarent, vovens se beato Francisco fecit, se ad tumulum eius portari. Ubi cum nocte orasset, extenso crure, magno exhilaratus gaudio sine baculo ad propria remeavit.

3Puer unus crus habens contractum, ita quod genu pectori et calcaneum natibus adhaerebat, ad sepulcrum beati Francisci portatus plena subito sanitate convaluit.

4Puella quaedam Eugubina cum contractis manibus omnium membrorum officia per annum integrum amisisset, ad tumulum sancti Francisci cum imagine cerea deportata, cum ibi per octo dierum spatium moraretur, die una omnia eius membra propriis sunt usibus restituta.

5Alius puer de Montenigro ante fores ecclesiae, ubi Sancti corpus quiescit,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 69