A Book of the Praises of Saint Francis (1277-1283) - 55 

being jeopardized by his wealth. While wishing to put his hand to more heroic deeds, he desired to be shown the path of salvation, according to the words of the Prophet: Your ways, O Lord, make known to me; teach me your paths. Show me the way in which I should walk, for to you I lift up my soul. Through that virgin whom he had taken as his advocate, he begged with continual supplication to be directed to a state suitable for his salvation. Finally, the Lord poured into his heart to renounce the world completely in the Order of Saint Francis.

25He was sick, however, and had an ugly tumor on his throat. Because of this, the minister of the brothers delayed receiving him and, as cautiously as he could, he withdrew from his intention. He recommended his state as honorable, wholesome, fruitful, one that was capable of doing good works for many persons. While he recognized the dismissal, and was deeply saddened because of it, he once more gave himself to prayer, and then fell into a light sleep. Then blessed Euphemia, to whom he was devoted, appeared to him in a vision with a brilliant company of virgins, and urged his entrance into the Order of Lesser Brothers, removed the obstacle to his reception by curing him, and gave him an unequivocal sign that he could easily endure the Order. "Let this be a sign for you," she said, "that I am curing you of all infirmity."

30Soon after the place of the swelling opened and every bit of that tumor was expelled, she closed the place of the tumor by the touch of her hand, and perfectly restored the man to complete health. When he awoke, that lord found himself perfectly cured. And he was received to vows in the Order, and he was transformed there in a most holy way. He is said to have grown in such virtue before the Lord, that, impeded neither by age nor by usual weaknesses, he easily endured the hardships of the Order, and could travel longer on foot than he had been accustomed to do on horseback.

34The most illustrious emperor of Constantinople, Jean, was advised by a divine revelation to take the habit of blessed Francis.a Some claim that he alone was left without an inheritance while the




Liber de Laudibus Beati Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1275-1276

quae solet in divitiis periclitari, sollicitus manumque ad fortia mittere cupiens optabat, a Domino viam sibi salvationis ostendi, 21iuxta verbum Prophetae dicentis: Vias tuas, Domine, demonstra mihi et semitas tuas edoce me. 22Notam mihi fac viam, in qua ambulem, quia ad te levavi animam meam. 23Per virginem quoque praefatam, quam in suam assumpserat advocatam, ad statum saluti suae congruum dirigi iugi supplicatione poscebat. 24Infudit tandem Dominus cordi eius, ut in beati Francisci Ordine mundo renuntiaret perfcete.

25Erat autem infrmus et deformem in gutture strumam gerens; 26propter quod eum Minister fratrum recipere differebat et a proposito suo caute, prout poterat, retrahebat commendans eius statum ut salutiferum et honestum et pro multis quae facere poterat bonis operibus fructuosum. 27Percipiens ille diffugium et ob hoc non modicum contristatus, cum vice quadam se orationi dedisset, levis ei somnus obrepsit. 28Et ecce beata cui devotus erat Euphemia in visu sibi cum claro virginum comitatu apparens Ordinis fratrum Minorum suasit ingressum, receptionis ipsum curando removit obstaculum, et quod Ordinem sustinere facile posset, curationem ipsam indubitabile dedit signum. 29« Hoc, inquit, sit tibi pro signo, quod ab omni languore te curo ».

30Mox loco strumae aperto in gutture omnique tumoris illius proiecta foris materia, clausum demum aperturae locum manu superducta curavit virumque in omnibus plene restituit sanitati. 31Evigilans dominus ille se perfecte curatum invenit. 32Et receptus pro voto ad Ordinem fuit ibi sanctissime conversatus. 33Qui tanta in Domino dicitur convaluisse virtute, ut nec senectute nec assuetis deliciis impeditus, labores Ordinis facile sustineret possetque longe amplius ire pedes, quam consueverat prius eques.

34Vir illustrissimus Iohannes imperator Constantinopolitanus beati Francisci habitum divina praemonitus revelatione suscepit. 35Fertur ipse, fratribus suis singulos consequentibus comitatus, solus fuisse sine hereditate relictus,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 55