A Book of the Praises of Saint Francis (1277-1283) - 37 

fitting honor in the brothers' church in Cahors and shines with the brilliance of many signs.a Brother Stephen was a man of virtue and grace, formerly an abbot and an important person in the Order of Saint Benedict. Though he chose to be lesser for Christ, he was made Inquisitor against the heretics, and deserved being lifted on high by the crown of martyrdom and the glory of miracles. He lies in the brothers' church at Toulouse.b On a par with him was Brother Raymond, who was also crowned with martyrdom, and has been honorably buried there.c Brother Benvenutod and Brother Peter, former provincial minister of Calabria,e shine with so many miracles that it has been verified as a divine grace, which it truly is.

36It would take too long to mention each of the confessors and glorious martyrs who suffered for the faith of Christ and in defense of the Church under the Saracens as well as under supporters of the heretics, while these brothers, at the command of the Apostolic See, were inquiring into the irregularities of these heretics, suffered for the faith of Christ and the defense of the Church.




Liber de Laudibus Beati Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1256-1257

32Columbinae simplicitatis frater Christophorus in ecclesia fratrum Caturci honore debito conditus, multorum micat claritate signorum. 33Vir virtutis et gratiae frater Stephanus, qui prius Abbas et magna in Ordine sancti Benedicti persona, dum propter Christum voluit minorari, factus contra haereticos Inquisitor, corona martyrii et signorum gloria meruit sublimari; Tolosae in ecclesia fratrum iacet. 34Ibi etiam pari cum eo decoratus martyrio frater Raymundus venerabiliter est sepultus. 35Frater Benevenutus et frater Petrus, Minister quondam Calabriae, tantis coruscant miraculis, ut divina, sicut est vere, gratia comprobetur.

36Longum esset prosequi de Confessoribus singulis et Martyribus gloriosis, qui tam sub Saracenis quam haereticorum fautoribus, dum super eorum pravitate de Sedis apostolicae mandato inquirerent, pro fide Christi et Ecclesiae defensione sunt passi.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 37