A Book of the Praises of Saint Francis (1277-1283) - 35 

Brother Rufino,a and Brother John de Laudibus,b who merited to touch the mortal wounds of the stigmata impressed on Francis's flesh while he was living.c Brother Angelo, who was close to Saint Francis;d Brother Leo, the saint's confessor;e another Brother Leo, who later, as Archbishop, energetically governed the Church at Milan;f and Brother James, who merited to observe the holy father's soul ascending into heaven like a star as brilliant as the sun.g And there were the holy fathers, Brother Anthony,h Brother Nicholas,i Brother Simon,j Brother Ambrose, Brother John,k and so many others, whom it would take too long to mention individually. They brought light to the early times with the light of their virtues. Their bodies are buried in peace and in sacred places for veneration. The bones of Brother Bernard, Brother Rufino, Brother Leo, and Brother Angelo were venerably buried in the Church of Saint Francis in Assisi; those of Brother Giles, in Perugia; of Brother Soldanerio, in the church of the brothers in Viterbo; but those of Brother Juniperl are buried in the Church of Saint Mary on the Capitolio in Rome.




Liber de Laudibus Beati Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1255-1256

frater Rufinus et frater Iohannes de Laudibus, qui viventis in carne Francisci letale stigmatum vulnus tangere meruit; 16sic frater Angelus familiaris Sancti, [frater Leo eiusdem sancti] confessor, et alter frater Leo, qui strenue postmodum Mediolanensem rexit Ecclesiam archipraesul, 17et frater Iacobus, qui animam sancti Patris in specie stellae instar solis praefulgidae ascendentem in coelum meruit intueri; 18sic sancti patres: frater Antonius, frater Nicolaus, frater Simon, frater Ambrosius, frater Iohannes et alii quam plures, de quibus singillatim texere longum esset, suarum luce virtutum priora tempora illuxerunt. 19Corpora eorum in pace sepulta sunt et sacris posita locis venerationi habentur. 20Nam fratris Bernardi, fratris Rufini, fratris Leonis et fratris Angeli apud Assisium in ecclesia sancti Francisci, sed fratris Aegidii apud Perusium; fratris Soldanerii in ecclesia fratrum Viterbii, sed fratris Iuniperi Romae in ecclesia sanctae Mariae de Capitolio sacra venerabiliter ossa sunt condita.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 35