The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 468 

humbly and devoutly to blessed Francis, and while he was resting a bit and sleeping, he heard blessed Francis say to him in a dream Gn 31:24, that he should have the arrow pulled out through the back of his head. The next day he did what he had heard in the dream and without great difficulty he obtained relief.

Chapter XIV

198The boundless piety of Christ the Lord has confirmed as true
what has been written Jn 20:30 and published about His saint and our father,
through the signs which accompanied Mk 16:20 them.
Thus it truly seems absurd to submit to human judgment 1 Cor 4:3
what has been approved by divine miracle.
I, a humble son of the same father,
humbly beg everyone to receive them kindly,
and to hear them reverently.
Though some may not be worded worthily,
still they are in themselves most worthy
of being treated with reverence.
Do not look down on the author's awkwardness,
but consider his faith, his dedication, and his labor.
We cannot forge something new every day,
nor square circles,
nor bring to agreement
the innumerable variety of times and wishes
that we received in a single block.
We did not set out to write these things to satisfy our vanity.
Nor have we plunged into this set of such differing reports
of our own will.
The insistence of our brothers' requests extorted it,
and the authority of our prelates ordered it.
We expect our reward from Christ the Lord;
from you, brothers and fathers, we ask grace and love.
So let it be!

At the end of this book,
To Christ be praise and glory.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 468