The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 460 

167After another citizen from Gubbio brought his crippled son on a stretcher to the tomb of the glorious father, he received him back whole and sound, though before he had been so crippled and deformed that his legs were completely withered and drawn up under him.

168In the diocese of Volterra a man named Riccomagno could scarcely drag himself along the ground with his hands. His own mother had abandoned him on account of his monstrous swelling. He humbly vowed himself to blessed Francis and was instantly healed.

169Two women named Verde and Sanguigna, from the same diocese, were so crippled that they could not move about unless carried by others. They had stripped the skin from their hands attempting to move themselves. By their vow alone were they restored to health.

170A certain Giacomo from Poggibonsi was so pitiably bent and crippled that his mouth touched his knees. His widowed mother took him to an oratory of blessed Francis and poured out her prayer to the Lord for his recovery; she brought him home healthy and whole.

171A woman from Vicalvi with a withered hand had it restored to match the other through the merits of the holy father.

172In the city of Capua a woman vowed to visit in person the tomb of blessed Francis. Because of the press of household matters she forgot her vow, and suddenly lost the use of her right side. On account of pinched nerves she was unable to turn her head or arm in any direction. She had so much pain that she wore her neighbors out with her constant wailing. Two of the brothers happened to pass by her home, and at a priest's request they stopped to visit the pitiful woman. She confessed to them her unfulfilled vow, and when she received their blessing she at once arose healthy. And now that she was made wiser by punishment, she fulfilled her vow without delay.

173Bartolomeo, from Narni, was sleeping in the shade of a tree when a diabolical seizure left him without use of a leg and a foot. Since he was a very poor man, he did not know where to turn. But that lover of the poor, Francis, Christ's standard bearer, appeared to him in a dream and ordered him to go to a certain place. He set out to drag himself there, but had left the direct route when he heard a voice saying to him: "Peace be with you! I am the one to whom you vowed yourself." Then leading him to the spot, it seemed that he placed one hand upon his foot and the other upon his leg, and thus restored his crippled limbs. This man was advanced in years and had been crippled for six years.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 460