The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 456 

people kept asking, he set the three brothers who were with him in three corners, and he went to the fourth to pray. When the prayer was finished Jdt 6:16 Francis confidently approached the woman, who was twisting miserably, and ordered the demon to depart in the name Acts 3:6 of Jesus Christ. It left with such swiftness at his command that the man of God thought he was deceived, and for this reason he left that place, ashamed.

That is why when he passed through that same place on another occasion, that woman ran down the street and cried out after him. She kissed his footprints asking him to speak to her. Reassured by many of her deliverance, he finally acceded to the many who asked him to speak with her. Mt 15:23 Est 13:13

156Another time, at Città di Castello, there was a woman who had a demon. She was led to the house where he was staying and stood outside, gnashing her teeth, Jn 20:11 disturbing everyone with her barking. Many people had in fact humbly asked the saint of God to free her, since they had for so long been disturbed by her madness. Blessed Francis sent out to her the brother who was with him, since he wished to check whether it was a demon or the woman's deception. But she knew that he was not the holy man, Francis, so she mocked and belittled him. The holy father was inside praying, and once his prayer was finished, he came outside to the woman. She could not bear his presence, and she shook and rolled on the ground. God's saint commanded the demon to leave her by virtue of obedience. It departed immediately and left the woman unharmed.

Chapter XVII

157In the county of Parma a man had a son born with a foot reversed, that is, with the heel forward and the toes at the back. The man was poor, but devoted to Saint Francis. He complained daily to Saint Francis about his son who was born to be ridiculed, constantly adding to his poverty. He had thought about forcibly returning the tender boy's foot to its proper place, and with the nurse's permission he prepared to do just that while the boy's limbs were softening in the bath. But before he could attempt anything so rash, as the boy was being unswaddled he was found, through the merits of Saint Francis, as sound as if he had never been deformed.

158 At Scoppito in Amiternoa a man and wife had but one son, but the was the cause of daily lament, a sort of disgrace to their family




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 456