The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 454 

147Another man, named Buonuomo, from the city of Fano was a leper and paralytic. His parents brought him to the church of blessed Francis, and there he recovered his health completely of both illnesses.

148A noblewoman named Rogata, from the diocese of Sora, had suffered from hemorrhages Mt 9:20 for twenty-three-years. One day she heard a boy singing in Roman dialect a song about the miracles that God had worked in those days through blessed Francis.a Sadness overwhelmed her, and as she broke into tears her faith moved her to say within herself:"O blessed father Francis, so many miracles radiate from you: if only you would see fit to free me of my illness! You have not yet done such a great miracle." For the flow of blood was so great that it often appeared that the woman would soon breathe her last, and whenever the flow of blood was stopped, her whole body swelled up. What happened? A few days later she felt herself freed through the merits of blessed Francis.

Her son Mario, who had a withered arm, after a single vow was cured by the saint of God.

149Blessed Francis, Christ's standard bearer, also healed a woman from Sicily who was worn out by suffering a flow of blood for seven years.

Chapter XVI

150There was a man from Foligno named Pietro, who went one time on a pilgrimage to the shrine of blessed Michael; he drank from a fountain, when he saw himself drinking up demons. From then he was possessed for three years, was physically run down, vile in speech, and dreadful in expression. Finally, as soon as he touched the tomb of the blessed father and humbly invoked his power, he was marvelously delivered from the demons that so cruelly tormented him.

151Saint Francis appeared in a dream to a woman in the city of Narni who was possessed by a devil and commanded her to make the sign of the cross. In her mental state the woman did not know how, so the blessed father made the sign of the cross on her and released her from the devil's control.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 454