The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 453 

140A young man named Villa could neither walk nor speak. His mother made a wax image for him and carried it with great reverence to the resting place of the blessed father Francis. When she returned home, she found her son walking and talking.

141There was a man in the diocese of Perugia who was unable to utter a word. His mouth was always open, and he gaped and gasped horribly, for his throat was swollen and inflamed. When he came to the place where the most holy body rested and started going down the steps to the tomb, he vomited much blood. And he was entirely cured and began to speak, opening and closing his mouth in a normal way.

142A woman had a stone in her throat. Due to a violently feverish condition, her tongue stuck to her palate. She could neither speak nor eat, nor drink. After many medicines were tried she felt no comfort or relief. She made a vow to Saint Francis in her heart, and suddenly the flesh opened and she spat the stone from her throat.

143Bartholomew from the village of Arpino in the diocese of Sora had been deaf for seven years and recovered his hearing by invoking the name of blessed Francis.

144A woman from the village of Piazza in Sicily was deprived of her speech. When she prayed to Saint Francis with the tongue of her heart she regained the desired gift of speech.

145In the town of Nicosia, a priest arose as usual for matins and when asked by the lector for the usual blessing, he uttered some barbarous threat. He was then confined at home, out of his mind, and totally lost his speech for a month. At the suggestion of some man of God he vowed himself to Saint Francis, and was freed of his madness and regained his speech.

Chapter XV

146At San Severino there was a young man named Atto who was covered with leprosy. All his limbs were stretched and swollen; he looked at everything with an unpleasant expression. Spending all his time in misery on his sickbed, he brought great sorrow to his parents. One day his father came to him and suggested that he dedicate himself to blessed Francis. The youth happily agreed, so the father had the wick of a candle brought, and with it he measured his son's height. The youth then vowed each year to bring a candle of this length to blessed Francis. Having made his vow, he immediately rose from his bed, cleansed of his leprosy.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 453