The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 452 

had the anger of God risen than by divine judgment his prayer was turned to sin! As the game ended, he insulted his nephew, and the latter drew his sword and bloodied it with his uncle's bowels. The accursed man died the same day and became a slave of hell and a son of darkness.

Let blasphemers beware! Words do not fly off with the wind, and there is One who avenges insults to the saints.

130A woman named Sibilla suffered from blindness in her eyes for many years. She was led to the tomb of the man of God, blind and dejected. She recovered her sight and, rejoicing and exulting, returned home.

131In the village of Vico Albo in the diocese of Sora, a girl who had been born blind was taken by her mother to an oratory of blessed Francis. Invoking the name of Christ, and through the merits of blessed Francis, she deserved to receive the sight that she never had.

132In the city of Arezzo, in the church of blessed Francis built near the city, a woman who had not been able to see for seven years recovered the sight she had lost.

133In the same city the son of a poor woman was granted sight by blessed Francis when she vowed him to the saint.

134At the tomb of the holy body, a blind man from Spello recovered his sight, which he had lost long before.

135In Poggibonsi of the diocese of Florence there was a blind woman who, because of a revelation, began to visit an oratory dedicated to blessed Francis. When she was brought there and lay pitiably before the altar, she suddenly received her sight and found her way home without a guide.

136Another woman, from Camerino, was totally blind in her right eye. Her parents covered the damaged eye with a cloth that the blessed Francis had touched. After making a vow, they gave thanks to the Lord God and Saint Francis for restoring her sight.

137A similar thing happened to a woman of Gubbio who, after making a vow, rejoiced on recovering her vision.

138A citizen of Assisi was blind for five years. While the blessed Francis was still living, he was friendly to him, so whenever he prayed to the blessed man, he would recall their former friendship. He was cured as soon as he touched his tomb.

139Albertino from Narni was totally blind for about a year, for his eyelids hung down over his eyes. Vowing himself to the blessed Francis, his sight was immediately restored; then he prepared himself and went to his glorious tomb.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 452