The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 449 

miracle spread everywhere and encouraged all who heard of it to extend the gift of hospitality.

118A blind woman of Thebes in Romania,a spent the vigil of Saint Francis fasting on bread and water, and was led by her husband at early dawn of the feast to the church of the brothers.b During the celebration of the Mass, at the elevation of the Body of Christ, she opened her eyes, saw clearly, and devoutly adored. In the very act of adoration she broke into a loud cry, "Thanks be to God and to his saint," she cried, "I see the Body of Christ!" All those present broke into cries of gladness. After the Mass the woman returned to her home using her own sight.

Christ was a light to Francis while he lived,
and just as then he attributed all of his wonders to Christ, 
so now he wishes that all glory be given to His Body.

119A fourteen-year-old boy from the village of Pofi in Campaniac suffered a sudden attack and completely lost use of his left eye. The acuteness of the blow thrust the eye out of its socket so that it hung by a weak, inch-long strip of flesh; after eight days it had nearly dried up. Cutting it off seemed the only choice when medical remedies proved hopeless. Then the boy's father turned his whole mind Mk12:30 to the help of blessed Francis, and the tireless helper of the afflicted did not fail the prayers of his petitioner. He marvelously returned the dried eye to its socket and restored its former vigor with the rays of light so longed for.

120In the same province, at Castro dei Volsci, an immense beam fell from a high place and crushed the skull of a priest, blinding his left eye. Flat on the ground, he began to cry out mournfully to Saint Francis, "Help me, holy father, so that I can go to your feast as I promised your brothers!" It was the vigil of the saint's feast. He quickly got up fully recovered and broke into shouts of praise and joy. And all the bystanders who were lamenting his accident were amazed and jubilant. He went to the feast and there told everyone how he had experienced the power and mercy of the saint. This was a lesson to all that they should devoutly venerate the saint whom they know will so readily assist them.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 449