The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 448 

new miracle, healed the aforesaid brother in their presence in this way.

One night Brother Roberto lay deathly ill and his soul had already been commended, when suddenly the blessed father appeared to him along with three brothers, perfect in holiness, Saint Anthony,a Brother Agostino,b and Brother Giacomo of Assisi.c Just as these three had followed him perfectly in their lives, so they readily accompanied him after death. Saint Francis took a knife and cut away the excess flesh, restored his sight and snatched him from the jaws of death, saying, "Roberto, my son, the favor I have done for you is a sign to the brothers on their way to distant countries that I go before them and guide their steps. Ps 40:3 [Vulgate, Ps 39:3] May they go forth joyfully and fulfill the charge of obedience with enthusiasm! Let the sons of obedience rejoice, who have left their own land, forgetting their earthly homeland: they have an active leader and caring forerunner!"

117In Zancato, a village near Anagni,d a knight named Gerardo had entirely lost his sight. It happened that two Lesser Brothers arriving from abroad sought out his home for hospitality. The whole household received them with honor and treated them with every kindness. The brothers gave no notice to the blindness of their host. After their stay, the two brothers journeyed to the brothers' place six miles away and stayed there eight days. One night blessed Francis appeared to one of the brothers in a dream with the command: " Get up, hurry with your companion to the home of your host. He honored me through you and on account of me was so graciously kind! Show your thanks for your delightful reception and repay honor to the honorable! For the man is sightless and blind, and that is what he deserves for the sins he has not yet confessed. The shadows ofeternal death await him, and unending torture is his lot. He is bound to this by the misdeeds he has not let go."

When the father had gone, the son got up stunned and hurried with his companion to carry out the command. Both of the brothers returned to their host together, and the one related what he had seen all in order. Est 15:9The man was quite astonished as he confirmed the truth of all he heard. He broke out in tears, freely made his confession and promised amendment. As soon as the inner man was thus renewed, he recovered the outer light of his eyesight. The greatness of this




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 448