The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 447 

any length of time, nor was the attention of doctors able to put them back into their proper place. When he gave up hope in the help of doctors, he turned to divine help. When he devoutly called upon the merits of blessed Francis, he experienced with wondrous speed that what was broken was made whole, what was deformed was restored.

114A young man named Giovanni from the diocese of Sora was afflicted by a severe intestinal hernia and could not be helped by any doctor's medicine. One day his wife happened to go to a church of blessed Francis. While she was praying, one of the brothers, a simple soul, said to her, "Go tell your husband to vow himself to blessed Francis, and to make the sign of the cross on his rupture!" She went home and told her husband. The man vowed himself to blessed Francis, signed the place of his injury, and his intestines immediately returned to their proper place. The man was amazed at the suddenness of his unexpected healing, and to test whether the healing he so suddenly enjoyed was real, he tried a number of exercises.

Once when this same man had a high fever, blessed Francis appeared in a dream, called him by name and said, "Do not fear, Giovanni, for you will be healed of your sickness." The trustworthiness of this miracle was confirmed when blessed Francis appeared to a certain religious man named Roberto. When the man asked who he was, he replied, "I am Francis who came to heal a friend of mine."

115In Sicily he wondrously freed a man named Pietro, who was suffering from a rupture of the genitals, after the man had promised to visit the saint's tomb.

Chapter XIV

116A brother named Roberto of the residencea of the brothers in Naples had been blind for many years. Excess flesh grew in his eyes and impeded the movement and use of his eyelids. Many brothers from other places had gathered there on their way to different parts of the world. The blessed father Francis, that mirror and exemplar of holy obedience, in order to encourage them on their journey with a




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 447