The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 446 

speedy conversion from his damnable intention and a full cure of his great misfortune.

111The son of a man from the town of Cisterna in Marittimaa was horribly burdened with a rupture of the genitals and no device could hold back his intestines. For the truss, which usually supports such ruptures, caused many new ones. His parents were tormented, and the horrible spectacle provided their friends and neighbors with ample grounds for tears. They tried every remedy and cure with no success whatever. Finally his father and mother vowed their son to Saint Francis.

On the feast day of Saint Francis they took him to the church at Velletri built in his honor. They laid him out before the saint's image and, making their vows along with a crowd of many others, offered many tears for him. When the gospel was being sung, at the words "what you have hidden from the learned you have revealed to the merest children, Mt 11:25 his truss suddenly broke, and the useless remedies fell away. A scar quickly formed and the full health desired was restored. A great cry went up from those praising the Lord Lk 2:13 and venerating his saint.

112A sacristan named Niccolò one morning was entering his church in Ceccano, a town in Campania, when he took a sudden fall. The sad result was that all his intestines poured out at his private parts. The clergy and other neighbors rushed to him, lifted him and carried him to his bed. He lay motionless for eight days, unable even to rise for his natural functions. Doctors were called and they applied their remedies, but his pain only increased: his illness was not healed, but heightened. His monstrous organs remained in their unnatural position with such pain that the poor fellow was unable to eat for eight days. The man was now desperate and destined for death. Then he turned to the help of blessed Francis.

He had a daughter who was religious and God-fearing; he asked her to beg the aid of Saint Francis for him. The blessed daughter went out a short distance and with many tears gave herself to prayer. She prayed to the father for her own father. O the power of prayer! Her father suddenly called out to her while she was still praying and joyfully informed her of his unexpected healing. Everything returned to its proper place, and the man felt in better condition now than before his fall. He vowed then that blessed Francis would always be his patron, and that he would annually observe his feast day.

113A man from the village of Spello suffered for two years from such a severe rupture that it seemed that all his bowels protruded through the side of his body. He could not keep them in place for




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 446