The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 444 

106A woman from the region of Arezzo in Tuscany bore the pains of labor through seven days, and was turning black. In her death throes, when everyone had despaired of her, she made a vow to Saint Francis and called on his aid. When she had made her vow, she quickly fell asleep, and Saint Francis appeared to her. He called her by her name, "Adelasia," and asked her whether she recognized his face. She replied, "Yes, father, I do recognize you." The saint went on, "Can you recite the Salve Regina?" "Yes, father," she answered. "Start," said the saint, "and before you finish you will safely give birth." Then the saint cried out in a loud voice and disappeared. At that cry, the woman woke up and anxiously began "Salve regina . . ." When she reached the words "illos misericordes oculos," before she had finished, she suddenly gave birth to a beautiful child in joy and good health.

107Although she knew that it was the solemn feast day of blessed Francis, a woman in Sicily nevertheless failed to abstain from servile work. She took a baker's mixing bowl, put in some flour and, with bare arms, she began to knead it. Right away the dough appeared to be flecked with blood. When the stunned woman saw this, she began to call her neighbors. The more the spectators gathered, the more the trickles of blood increased in the dough. The woman repented of what she had done, and swore a vow never again to do servile work on his feast. Once her promise was confirmed, the flow of blood left the dough.

108While the saint was still living in the flesh, a woman in the Arezzo area was pregnant and at the time of childbirth she was in labor for several days with extraordinary distress. Blessed Francis was on his way to a hermitage, and was on horseback because of the weakness of his body. They were all waiting Acts 28:6 for him to pass by the place where the woman was suffering. But the saint was already staying in the hermitage, and a brother was returning through that village with the horse on which the saint had ridden. When the inhabitants of the place realized that he was not Saint Francis, they were greatly saddened Lk 22:23and they began to inquire among themselves if they could find some item that the servant of God had touched with his own hand. Discovering the bridle reins, which he had held in his hands, they quickly pulled the bridle from the horse's mouth. And when the woman felt the reins placed upon her, she gave birth in great joy and good health.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 444