The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 435 

and was quickly filled with water; they seemed to be heading for death. All shouting, convinced they were going to die, one of the women cried out with very great trust, "Saint Francis, you favored me while still living in the flesh Phil 1:22 with the kindness of your friendship. Now from heaven give your help to us who are going to perish!" The saint was there as soon as he was called and carefully escorted the boat full of water to shore. Someone had brought a sword aboard the boat, and it miraculously floated among the waves following the boat.

85Some sailors from Ancona were caught in a violent storm and knew they were in danger of sinking. In desperation for their lives they humbly invoked Saint Francis. A great light appeared on the sea, and with the light a heaven-sent calm. To fulfill their vow they offered a splendid curtain and countless expressions of thanks to their rescuer.

86A brother named Bonaventure was crossing a lake with two men when a side of the boat split, and, with the force of the water rushing in, they sank. "From the deep lake"a they called on Saint Francis, and shortly the water-filled boat reached the shore with them in it.

Similarly a brother from Ascoli was saved by the merits of Saint Francis when he fell into a river.

87A man from the parish of Saints Cosmas and Damian in Pisa confirmed by his testimony that he was at sea with many others when the ship was driven by a great storm toward collision with a mountain. The sailors saw this and built a sort of raft out of ropes and planks as a refuge for themselves and others on board. But the man from Pisa lost his balance on the raft, and a strong wave threw him into the sea. He did not know how to swim and could not be helped by the others, so he headed desperately toward the depths of the sea. He was unable to speak, but in his heart he devoutly commended himself to blessed Francis. He was quickly raised from the depths as if by some hand and carried back to the raft, and was saved from shipwreck with the others. The ship, though, hit the mountain and was completely demolished.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 435