The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 433 

was thus completely freed from his affliction through the merits of that most blessed man.

76A citizen of Todi suffered from such an acute arthritic condition that he could not lie down at all. It seemed he would become entirely helpless; and as he received no relief from doctors, in the presence of a priest he called on Saint Francis. Having made his vow, he regained his former health.

77A man by the name of Bontadoso suffered such pain in his feet that he was absolutely unable to move about. He was losing both his sleep and his appetite. A woman encouraged him to vow himself humbly to Saint Francis but, beside himself with pain, he replied that he did not believe him to be a saint. The woman nevertheless stubbornly persisted, and finally he vowed himself in this way: "I vow myself to Saint Francis, and I believe he is a saint if he frees me from this illness in three days." He immediately got up, to his own surprise, with the health that had left him now fully restored.

78A woman was confined to bed for many years by illness, unable to turn or move at all. She was healed by blessed Francis and resumed her usual duties.

79A young man in the city of Narni was in the grip of a very serious illness for ten years; his whole body was so swollen no medicine could treat it. His mother vowed him to Saint Francis, and he immediately received from him the relief of health.

80In the same city there was a woman who for eight years had a withered hand with which she could do no work. Blessed Francis appeared to her in a vision, and stretching her hand made it able to work as well as the other.

Chapter X

81Some sailors were placed in grave danger at sea when a fierce storm came up while they were ten miles out from the port of Barletta. Anxious for their lives, they let down the anchors. But the stormy wind swelled the sea more violently, breaking the ropes and releasing the anchors. They were tossed about the sea on an unsteady and uncertain course.

Finally at God's pleasure the sea was calmed, and they prepared with all their strength to recover their anchors, whose lines were floating on the surface. So they put their full effort into retrieving the




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 433