The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 432 

all the doctors gave up hope for him. But his parents made a vow to blessed Francis, and he recovered the health they so longed for.

Chapter IX

70 In the city of Fano a man suffering from dropsy obtained a complete cure of his illness through the merits of blessed Francis.

71A woman in the city of Gubbio lay paralyzed in bed; after she invoked the name of blessed Francis three times for her healing she was freed from her infirmity and cured.

72A girl from Arpino in the diocese of Sora was beset by a paralytic illness. She was deprived of all human functions, and her limbs were so uncontrolled and twisted by nerves that she appeared more harassed by a demon than animated by a human spirit. She was so tormented by this infirmity that she seemed to have regressed to the cradle. Finally, her mother, by divine inspiration, took her to the church of blessed Francis in Vicalvi.a She carried her in a cradle, and after many tearful prayers the girl was freed from every danger of illness and was restored to her former age and health.

73A young man of the same town was bound by a paralysis that held his mouth shut and distorted his eyes. His mother took him to the church mentioned above. She prayed fervently for him, and whereas he had been completely unable to move, he recovered his original health before they reached their home.

74In Poggibonsi a girl named Ubertina suffered from falling sickness,b as severe as it was incurable. Her parents despaired of any human remedy, and strenuously demanded the help of blessed Francis. By common agreement they vowed to the saint that they would fast on the vigil of the most blessed father's feast and provide food for the poor on the day of his solemnity every year if he would free their daughter from such an unusual affliction. After making their vow, the girl totally recovered and never again suffered any harm from that hurtful illness.

75Pietro Mancanella, a citizen of Gaeta,c lost the use of an arm and hand to paralysis, and his mouth was twisted back to his ear. When he submitted to the advice of doctors, he lost both his sight and his hearing. Finally he humbly dedicated himself to blessed Francis, and




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 432