The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 431 

65In Rete of the diocese of Cosenza two boys of that town got into a brawl at school, and one wounded the other in the abdomen so severely that the stomach was torn and undigested food came out through the wound. He was unable to retain any nourishment and he could not digest food, nor hold it in. It all came out undigested through the wound. Doctors could offer him no help. He and his parents finally, at the suggestion of one of the brothers, first forgave the one who had inflicted the wound, then made a vow to blessed Francis. If he would snatch from the jaws of death the mortally wounded boy, who was given no hope by the doctors, they would send him to his church and ring it with candles. On making their vow, the boy was so completely and wonderfully healed that doctors from Salernoa called it no less a miracle than if he had been raised from the dead.

66At Monte near Trapanib two men arrived together on business when one of them suddenly became ill to the point of death. Doctors were called and came quickly to help him, but they could do nothing to cure him. His healthy companion made a vow to Saint Francis. If the sick man should receive healing through the saint's merits, he would observe his feast every year with a solemn Mass. After making his vow, he returned to the house where he had left his companion speechless and motionless, thinking him already doomed to destruction. There he found him restored to his former health.

67A boy from the city of Todi lay on his bed for eight days as if dead. Mt 9:2 His mouth was tightly shut, and there was no light in his eyes. The skin of his face, hands and feet turned black as a pot. No one held out hope for his recovery, but as a result of his mother's vow he recovered with amazing speed. Though he was just an infant and could not speak he said, lisping, that he was saved by blessed Francis.

68A young man who had been up on a very high place fell from there and lost the use of all his limbs as well as his ability to speak. For three days he neither ate nor drank nor felt anything, so that they thought he was dead. His mother, without even seeking the aid of a doctor, asked blessed Francis to cure him. After she had made a vow the young man was restored to her, alive and sound, and she began to praise the all-powerful Creator.

69A boy from Arezzo by the name of Gualtiero was suffering from prolonged fever and so tormented by multiple abscesses that




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 431