The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 428 

confusion, there was an infusion of joy,a and great gladness followed the interrupted banquet. The boy himself reported to meb that no feeling of life remained in him as he lay beneath that weight. When he reached the age of fourteen he became a Lesser Brother and later became a learned man and an eloquent preacher in the Order.

55A little boy of the same town swallowed a silver buckle that his father had placed in his hand. It so blocked all the passages of his throat that he was completely unable to breathe. The father wept bitterly and rolled on the ground Mk 9:20 in a frenzy because he considered himself his son's murderer. His mother tore at her hair and her whole body, wailing at the sad news. All their friends shared their grief, that a healthy youth was snatched by such sudden death.

The father invoked the merits of Saint Francis and offered a vow to the saint to save his son. Then suddenly the boy spat the buckle from his mouth and joined the others in blessing the name of Saint Francis.

56A man named Niccolò from the town of Ceprano one day fell into the hands of cruel enemies. With beastly rage they heaped blow upon blow on him, and did not stop their cruelty until they thought him dead or soon to die. They left him half dead Lk 10:30 and went away spattered with blood. When the first blows fell on him, Niccolò started calling out in a loud voice, "Help me, Saint Francis! Save me, Saint Francis!" Many heard his voice from far away but could not help him. When he had been carried home drenched with his own blood, he claimed that he was not about to die and did not feel any pain, because Saint Francis had come to his aid and begged the Lord that he be allowed to do penance. Mk 6:12 So, cleansed of blood and contrary to any human hope, he was rescued.

57Some men of Lentinic cut a huge stone from a mountain. It was to be set over the altar of the church of blessed Francis which was soon to be consecrated. A good forty men strained to load the stone on a cart, but after several attempts the stone fell on one man and covered him like a tomb. In their mental confusion they did not know what to do: most of the men left in despair. The ten who remained plaintively invoked Saint Francis not to allow this man who was in his service to die so hopelessly. The man lay buried, half-dead, but the living spirit in him sighed for the help of Saint Francis. With renewed courage, those men then so easily removed the stone that no




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 428