The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 418 

good news for you, father." Without a pause the saint immediately replied, "Blessed be God, who has brought our Brother Lady Jacoba to us! Open the doors and bring her in. The decree about women is not to be observed for Brother Jacoba!"a

38There was great rejoicing among the noble guests, but their spiritual delight was mingled with flowing tears. To make the miracle complete, it was discovered that the holy woman had brought with her everything that the letter just written had requested for the father's burial. God had supplied everything that the spirit of this man wanted: she brought some ash-colored cloth to cover the little body of the one who was departing; many candles; a cloth for his face; a cushion for his head; and a special dish b the saint had a longing for.

But I want to narrate the outcome of this pilgrimage, so that I do not leave the noble pilgrim without consolation. A great crowd of people, especially the devout inhabitants of the city, expected the saint's birth through death very shortly. But he seemed to be strengthened by the arrival of the devout Roman lady, and there was a glimmer of hope that he would recover. So the lady gave orders that the rest of her escort should leave: she alone with her children and a few attendants would remain. But the saint said to her, "No, don't! I will depart on Saturday, and on Sunday you and all the others will return." And so it happened. At the predicted time, he who had fought valiantly in the Church militant entered the Church triumphant. I omit herec the crowds of people, the shouts of rejoicing, the ringing of bells, the streams of tears. Likewise I leave out the mourning of his sons, the sobbing of those dear to him, the lament of his companions. I want to recount only how this pilgrim, deprived of the solace of her father, was consoled.

39All wet with tears, she was brought in private and alone, and the body of her friend was placed in her arms. "Here," said his vicar, "hold, even in death, the one you loved when alive!" Her warm tears bathed his body, and with sobs and sighs she kept hugging and kissing him, and pulled back the veil to see him unveiled. What did she see? She gazed on thatprecious vessel that hid a precious treasure adorned with five pearls.d She beheld those engravings that the hand of the Almighty alone had produced for the whole world to admire. Then she was refreshed with unusual joy over the death of her friend.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 418