The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis - 398 

The first printed edition of the Latin text of The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis appeared only in 1899 when François van Ortroy published it in the Acta Bollandiana.2 In his edition of the complete corpus of Thomas of Celano in 1906, Édouad d'Alençon also published it, as did the editors of the tenth volume of the Analecta Franciscana.3 The latest publication of the text is that of the Fontes Franciscani in 1995.4

Translating this lengthy list of miracles, however, seems to have been a daunting enterprise, and, because of its repetitious nature, one that was tedious and tiring. That translators and publishers gave little attention to Thomas's last work is verified by the fact that there have been no complete translations of the work. The Spanish, French, and American editions either printed selected paragraphs or nothing at all.5 Thus, little attention has been given to the work until the Italian Fonti Francescane published The Treatise on the Miracles of Saint Francis in its entirety, prompting six studies that began to shed light on its richness.6 The authors of these essays examined aspects such as the sites of the miracles, the sociological backgrounds of the recipients, the information the incidents provide concerning the daily life of those involved, and Thomas's changing image of Francis.

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