The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul - 393 

222At this point we lay down the prayer of our lowliness before the merciful kindness of the eternal Majesty Ps 72:19 [Vulgate, Ps 71:19] for Christ's servant, our minister, the successor of your holy humility, and emulator of your true poverty, who, for the love of your Christ, shows diligent care for your sheep with gentle affection.

We ask you, oh holy one,
so to encourage and embrace him that,
by constantly adhering to your footprints,
he may attain forever the praise and glory
which you have achieved.

223We also pray with all our heart's affection, oh kind father, for that son of yours who now and earlier has devoutly written your praises. He, together with us, offers and dedicates to you this little work which he put together, not in a manner worthy of your merit but at least devoutly, and as best he could.

From every evil Mt 6:13
mercifully preserve
and deliver him.
Increase holy merit in him,
and, by your prayers,
join him forever to the company of the saints.

224Remember all your children, father.
You, most holy one, know perfectly how,
lost in a maze of mystifying perils,
they follow your footprints
from how great a distance.
Give them strength, that they may resist.
Purify them, that they may shine radiantly.
Fill them with joy, that they may delight.

 Pray that
the spirit of grace and of prayer may inundate them Zec 12:10
that they may have the true humility you had;
that they may cherish the poverty you embraced;
that they may be filled with the love
with which you always loved
Christ crucified.
Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit
lives and reigns forever and ever. Rv 11:15




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 393