The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul - 392 


Chapter CLXVII

221Behold, our blessed father, the efforts of our simple capacities have attempted to praise your wondrous deeds to the best of our ability, and to tell at least a few of the countless virtues of your holiness for your glory. We know that our words have much diminished the splendor of your outstanding deeds, since they have been found unequal to expressing the great deeds of such perfection.

We ask you, and also those who read this, to keep in mind our affection and our effort, and to rejoice that the heights of your life are beyond the best efforts of human pens. For who, oh outstanding saint, could be able to bring into himself the burning ardor of your spirit Is 4:4 or to impress it on others? Who would be able to conceive those inexpressible feelings which flowed uninterruptedly between you and God? But we wrote these things delighting in your sweet memory which, while we still live, we try to express to others even if it is by stammering.

You who once were hungry, now feed upon the finest wheat; you who once were thirsty, now drink of the torrent of delight. But we do not believe that you are so far inebriated with the abundance of God's house, as to have forgotten your own children when he who is your very drink keeps us in mind.

Draw us, Sg 1:3 then, to yourself,
that we may run after the fragrance of your perfumes,
for, as you can see, we have become
lukewarm in apathy,
listless in laziness,
half-dead in negligence!
This little flock Lk 12:32 is stumbling
along in your footprints;
the weakness of our eyes cannot bear
the shining rays of your perfection.
Give us such days as we had of old, Lam 5:21
oh mirror and exemplar of the perfect!
Do not allow that those
who are like you by profession
be unlike you in life.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 392