The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul - 388 

The few days that remained to him before his passing he spent in praise of God, teaching his beloved companions how to praise Christ with him. As best he could, he broke out in this psalm, With my voice I cried to the Lord, With my voice I beseeched the Lord. He also invited all creatures to the praise of God, and exhorted them to love by some words which he had composed earlier.a Even death itself, terrible and hateful everyone, he exhorted to praise, and going to meet her joyfully, invited her to be his guest, saying: "Welcome, my Sister Death!" And to the doctor he said: "Be bold, Brother Doctor, foretell death is near; for to me she will be the gate of Life!" But to the brothers he said: "When you see I have come to my end put me out naked on the ground as you saw me naked the day before yesterday,b and once I am dead, allow me to lie there for as long as it takes to walk a leisurely mile."

The hour came.
All the mysteries of Christ
were fulfilled in him,
and he happily flew off to God.


217a One of his disciples, a brother of no small fame, saw the soul of the most holy father like a star ascending to heaven, having the immensity of the moon and the brightness of the sun, extending over many waters carried by a little white cloud.

Because of this a great crowd of many peoples gathered, praising and glorifying the name of the Lord. The whole city of Assisi rushed down in a body and the whole region hurried to see the wonderful works of God, which the Lord had displayed in his servant. The sons lamented the loss of such a father and displayed their hearts' tender affection by tears and sighs.

But a new miracle turned their weeping into jubilation and their mourning into cries of joy. They saw the body of their holy father adorned with the wounds of Christ. Not the holes of the nails but the nails themselves in the middle of his hands and feet, made from his own flesh, in fact grown in the flesh itself retaining the dark color of iron and his right side stained red with blood. His skin, naturally




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 388