The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul - 376 

He once wanted to send brothers throughout the world with precious pyxes, so that wherever they should find the price of our redemption in an unsuitable place they might put it away in the very best place.

He wanted great reverence shown to the hands of priests, since they have the divinely granted authority to bring about this mystery. He often used to say: "If I should happen at the same time to come upon any saint coming from heaven and some little poor priest, I would first show honor to the priest, and hurry more quickly to kiss his hands. For I would say to the saint: 'Hey, Saint Lawrence,a wait! His hands 1 Jn 1:1 may handle the Word of Life, and possess something more than human!' "

Chapter CLIII

202This beloved one of God Sir 45:1
showed himself greatly devoted to divine worship
and left nothing that is God's
dishonored through carelessness.

When he was at Monte Casale in the province of Massa he commanded the brothers to move with all reverence the holy relics from an abandoned church to the place of the brothers. He felt very bad that they had been robbed of the devotion due them for a long time. When, for an urgent reason, he had to go somewhere else, his sons, forgetting the command of their Father, disregarded the merit of obedience. But one day the brothers wanted to celebrate, and when as usual they removed the cloth cover from the altar they discovered some beautiful and very fragrant bones. They were stunned at this, since they had never seen them there before. Shortly afterwards the holy one of God Lk 4:34 returned, and he took care to inquire if his orders about the relics had been carried out. The brothers humbly confessed their fault of neglecting obedience, and won pardon together with a penance. And the saint said: "Blessed be the Lord my God, who himself carried out what you were supposed to do!"

Consider carefully Francis's devotion,
pay attention to God's good pleasure towards our dust;
magnify the praise Ps 69:31 [Vulgate, Ps 68:31] of holy obedience.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 376