The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul - 354 

He walked reverently over rocks, out of respect for Him who is called the Rock. When he came to the verse "You have set me high upon the rock," in order to express it more respectfully, he would say: "You have set me high under the feet of the Rock."

When the brothers are cutting wood he forbids them to cut down the whole tree, so that it might have hope of sprouting again.

He commands the gardener to leave the edges of the garden undisturbed, so that in their season the green of herbs and the beauty of flowers may proclaim the beautiful Father of all. Eph 4:6 He even orders that within the garden a smaller garden should be set aside for aromatic and flowering herbs so that those who see them may recall the memory of eternal savor.

He picks up little worms from the road so they will not be trampled underfoot.

That the bees not perish of hunger in the icy winter, he commands that honey and the finest wine should be set out for them.

He calls all animals by a fraternal name, although, among all kinds of beasts, he especially loves the meek.

Who is capable of describing Sir 18:2 all of this?
Truly, that fountain-like goodness,a
which will be all in all, 1 Cor 12:6
already shone clearly in all for this saint.

Chapter CXXV

166 All creatures, therefore,
strive to return the saint's love,
and to respond to his kindness with their gratitude.
They smile at his caress,
his requests they grant
, they obey his commands.

It may be good to tell of a few cases. At the time of an eye disease, he is forced to let himself be treated by a physician. A surgeon is called to the place, and when he comes he is carrying an iron instrument for cauterizing. He ordered it to be placed in the fire until it became red hot. But the blessed Father, to comfort the body, which was




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 354