The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul - 284 

For the eye fixed on heaven,
it is impossible not to see heavenly things.


Chapter XXV

55 Placed in a vale of tears
the blessed father scorned
the usual riches of the children of men Ps 31:20 [Vulgate, Ps 30:20] as no riches at alla
and, eager for higher status,
with all his heart, he coveted poverty.
Realizing that she was a close friendb
of the Son of God,
but nowadays an outcast throughout the whole world,
he was eager to espouse her in an everlasting love.
He became the lover of her beauty Wis 8:2
and not only left his father and his mother
but gave up everything he owned
so that he might cling to his wifemore closely,
and the two might be in one spirit.
He held her close in chaste embraces
and could not bear to cease being her husband
and even for an hour. Gal 2:5
He told his sons that she is the way of perfection.
She is the pledge and guarantee of eternal wealth.
No one coveted gold as avidly as he coveted poverty;
no one was as careful to guard a treasure
as he was to watch over this pearl of the Gospel.
In this especially would his sight be offended:
if he saw in the brothers
—whether at home or away from it—




Vita Secunda Sancti Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 494-495

caelo oculum inhaerentem
impossibile est caelestia non videre.

De paupertate

Caput XXV
De laude paupertatis.

55 1In valle lacrimarum positus
a pater iste beatus
communes filiorum hominum opes inopes dedignatur,
celsioris siquidem ambitiosus fastigii
de omni corde suo inhiat paupertati.
2Hanc Filio Dei
familiarem attendens,
iam iamque toto orbe repulsam
studet caritate perpetua desponsare.
3Amator igitur factus formae illius,
ut uxori fortius inhaereret,
ac duo essent in uno spiritu,
non solum patrem matreinque reliquit,
verum etiam universa submovit.
4Proinde castis eam stringit amplexibus,
nec ad horam
patitur non esse maritus.
5Hane filiis suis dicebat perfectionis viam,
hane aeternarum divitiarum pignus et arrham.
6Nemo tam auri quam ipse cupidus paupertatis,
nec thesauri custodiendi sollicitior ullus
quam iste huius evangelicae margaritae.
7In hoc praecipue suus offendebatur aspectus,
si quidquam domi forisque
videret in fratribus

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 284