The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul - 258 

forbidden to any secular person. He did not want the brothers dwelling there—always kept below a certain number—to have their ears itching for worldly news and, interrupting their contemplation of heavenly things, to be dragged down to dealing with lower things by the talk of gossips. No one was allowed to speak idle words Mt 12:36 there, nor to repeat those spoken by others. And, if anyone happened to do this, punishment taught him to avoid further harm and not to repeat this in the future. Day and night, without interruption, those living in the place were engaged in the praises of God and, scented with a wonderful fragrance, they led the life of angels.a This was only right! According to the stories of the old neighbors, that church used to be called by another name, “Saint Mary of the Angels.” As the blessed Father used to say, God revealed to him, that among all other churches built in her honor throughout the world, the blessed Virgin cherished that church with special affection. 1 Pt 1:22 For that reason the saint also loved it more than all others.

Chapter XIII

20 Before his conversion, a brother dedicated to God had a vision about this church which is worth telling. He saw countless people sadly stricken with blindness, on their knees in a circle around this church, with their faces raised to heaven. All of them, with sobbing voices and upraised hands, were crying out to God 2 Tm 2:3 begging for mercy and light. Then a great light came down from heaven and, diffusing itself through them, gave each the sight and health they desired.


Chapter XIV

21 The resolute knight of Christ never spared his body. As if it were a stranger to him, he exposed it to every kind of injury, whether in word or deed. If anyone tried to enumerate everything this man underwent, the list would be longer than that passage where the apostle recounts the tribulations of the saints.




Vita Secunda Sancti Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 461-463

3Sic et omni saeculari personae omnis penitus praecludebatur introitus. 4Nolebat ut fratres exsistentes ibidem, qui sub certo numero arctabantur, ad saecularium relationem prurirent auribus, ne contemplatione intermissa caelestium ad inferiorum commercia per rumigerulos traherentur. 5Non licebat ibidem alicui otiosa verba proferre, nec referre prolata per alios. 6Quod si quandoque per aliquem contingeret, ut ultra non adderet, poena docente cavebat in posterum. 7Sine intermissione diebus ac noctibus exsistentes in loco divinis erant laudibus occupati, et odore miro fragrantes, vitam ducebant angelicam. 8Merito quidem. Solebat enim veterum incolarum relatu Sancta Maria de Angelis alio nomine dici. 9Revelatum sibi a Deo felix pater dicebat, beatam Virginem, inter alias ecclesias ad suum honorem in mundo constructas, ecclesiam illam speciali amore diligere; ideoque sanctus eam prae ceteris plus amabat.

Caput XIII
De quadam visione.

20 1Visionem quamdam ante conversionem suam quidam Deo devotus frater de ipsa ecclesia viderat relatione condignam . 2Innumeros homines cernebat in visu dolenda caecitate percussos, facie directa in caelum, genibus flexis, in huius ecclesiae stare circuitu. 3Qui omnes lacrimabili voce, manibus protensis in altum, clamabant ad Deum, misericordiam postulantes et lumen. 4Et ecce ingens de caelo splendor advenit, se per omnes diffundens, qui lucem unicuique tribuit et salutem desideratam concessit.

De conversatione sancti Francisci et fratrum.

Caput XIV
De rigore disciplinae.

21 1Numquam parcebat corpori Christi strenuus miles, exponens illud, tamquam alienum a se, omnibus tam operum quam verborum iniuriis. 2Apostolicum scriptum excederet, quo sanctorum recitantur angustiae, si quis ea quae passus est iste redigere sub numero vellet.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 258