The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul - 242 

This woman was
a friend of all complete integrity,
with some of the virtue of Saint Elizabeth,
of whom we read in Scripture,
she was privileged to resemble and act,
both in the name she gave her son
and in her prophetic spirit.a
For when her neighbors were admiring
Francis’s greatness of spirit and integrity of conduct
she asked them,
as if prompted by divine premonition,
What do you think this son of mine will become ?b
You will see
that he shall merit to become a son of God!
In fact this was the opinion of many,
whom Francis pleased, by his very fine efforts, as he grew older.
He completely rejected
anything that could sound insulting to anyone.
No one felt a young man of such noble manners could be born of the stock
of those who were called his parents.

The name John,
refers to the mission which he received;c
the name Francis
to the spread of his fame which quickly reached everywhere,
once his turning to God was complete.d
he used to keep the feast of John the Baptist
more solemnly than the feasts of all other saints,
because the dignity of this name




Vita Secunda Sancti Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 445-446

2Quae mulier,
totius honestatis amica,
quoddam virtutis insigne praeferebat in moribus,
sanctae illius Elisabeth,
tam impositione nominis ad filium quam
et spiritu prophetali,
aliquo similitudinis privilegio gaudens.
3Nam Francisci magnanimitatem et morum.
honestatem admirantibus convicinis,
quasi divino instructa oraculo,
sic aiebat:
« Quid putatis iste filius meus erit?
Meritorum gratia,
Dei filium ipsum noveritis affuturum ».
4Haec revera nonnullorum erat opinio,
quibus, grandiusculus factus, studiis valde bonis placebat Franciscus.
semper a se omne quod apud aliquem sonaret iniuriam,
et urbanis adolescens moribus, omnibus videbatur non illorum parentum,
qui dicebantur eius, prosapia genitus.

6Ioannis proinde nomen
ad opus ministerii pertinet quod suscepit,
Francisci vero
ad dilatationem famae suae, quae de ipso,
iam plene ad Deum converso, ubique cito pervenit.
7Celeberrimum ideo supra omnium festa sanctorum
festum Ioannis Baptistae ducebat,
cuius dignitas nominis

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 242