The Miracles Shown after His Death - 675 

details of their sufferings and the different ways in which they were cured would be too long to tell one-by-one.a

5A man, named Buonuomo, from the city of Fano, a leper and paralytic, was brought by his parents to the church of blessed Francis, and there he recovered his health completely from both illnesses.

A young man named Atto from San Severino was covered with leprosy. Having made a vow, and brought to the tomb of the saint, he was cleansed of his leprosy through the saint's merits.

This saint, furthermore, had an outstanding power for curing this disease because, out of love for humility and piety, he had humbly dedicated himself to the service of lepers.

6A noblewoman named Rogata, from the diocese of Sora, had been troubled by hemorrhages Mt 9:20 for twenty-three years, and had suffered as many kinds of pain as there were doctors. The illness was so great that it often appeared that the woman would soon breathe her last, and whenever the flow of blood was stopped, her whole body swelled up. But one day she heard a boy singing in Roman dialect a song about the miracles that God had performed through blessed Francis. Sadness overwhelmed her, and as she broke into tears her faith moved her to say within herself:" O blessed father Francis, so many miracles radiate from you: if you would see fit to free me of my illness it would add to your glory, because you have not yet done such a great miracle." What happened? After saying this she felt herself freed through the merits of blessed Francis.

Also, her son Mario, who had a withered arm, after he made a vow, was cured by Saint Francis.

Christ's blessed standard bearer also healed a woman from Sicily who was worn out by suffering a flow of blood for seven years.

7In the city of Rome there was a woman named Prassede known for her religiosity. From her tender infancy she had, for love of her eternal Spouse, withdrawn for nearly forty years to a narrow cell. She earned the favor of a special friendship with blessed Francis. One day in the course of her tasks, she went up to the attic of her cell and, under some imaginary impulse, fell, breaking her foot and leg, and her shoulder was totally separated from its place. The kindly father appeared to her, clothed in white, in glorious garments, and began speaking to her in sweet words, "Get up, beloved daughter, get up and do not fear! He took her hand, lifted her up, and disappeared. Turning here and there in the cell, she still thought she was seeing a vision. When, at her cries, a lamp was brought, feeling




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 949-952

4Simili etiam modo mulieri cuidam de Narnio habenti daemonium misericordia Francisci subvenit et aliis pluribus, quarum vexationum angustias et curationum modos longum esset per singula enarrare.

5 1Vir quidam, nomine Bonushomo de civitate Fani, paralyticus et leprosus, ad ecclesiam beati Francisci a parentibus deportatus, utriusque morbi plenam consecutus est sanitatem.

2Sed et alius iuvenis quidam, Atto nomine, de Sancto Severino, totus leprosus, voto emisso, et ad sepulcrum Sancti delatus, meritis ipsius lepra mundatus est.

3Habuit quidem Sanctus supra huiusmodi morbo curando praecellentem virtutem, pro eo quod humilitatis et pietatis amore leprosorum obsequiis semetipsum humiliter deputarat.

6 1Nobilis quaedam mulier, Rogata nomine, in episcopatu Sorano, per viginti tres annos fluxu fuit sanguinis fatigata, sed et a quam pluribus medicis quam plurima mala perpessa, prae nimietate quidem languoris saepius videbatur mulier exspirare; 2sed et si quando fluxus huiusmodi stringebatur, tumescebat corpore toto. 3Audiens autem quemdam puerum Romano sermone canentem miracula, quae Deus per beatum Franciscum fuerat operatus, nimio dolore commota, tota prorupit in lacrymas sicque intra se fide accensa dicere coepit: 4« O beate Pater Francisce, qui tantis coruscas miraculis, si me digneris ab hac aegritudine liberare, magna tibi accrescet gloria, quoniam adhuc tantum miraculum non fecisti ». 5Quid plura? His dictis, sensit se beati Francisci meritis liberatam.

6Filium quoque ipsius, Marium nomine, qui brachium habebat contractum, sanctus Franciscus, voto ad ipsum emisso, sanavit.

7Feminam etiam quamdam de Sicilia per septennium fluxu sanguinis fatigatam beatus Christi signifer sanam fecit.

7 1In urbe Romana Praxedis quaedam nomine, religiositate famosa, quae a tenella aetate propter aeterni Sponsi amorem arcto se carcere per quadraginta iam fere annos abdiderat, apud beatum Franciscum gratiam promeruit specialem. 2Nam cum die quadam pro rebus opportunis solarium suae cellulae conscendisset, et impulsione phantastica corruens, confractum haberet pedem cum crure et humerum a positione debita sequestratum, apparuit ei benignissimus Pater, vestimentis gloriae candidatus, dulcibusque affatibus alloqui coepit eamdem: 3« Surge », inquit, « filia benedicta, surge, ne timeas! », et apprehensa manu ipsius, allevans eam, disparuit. 4Ipsa vero per cellulam suam huc atque illuc se convertens, putabat se visum videre; 5usquequo ad clamorem ipsius apportato iam lumine,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 675