The Miracles Shown after His Death - 674 

holy body of the father who was already glorified.a Approaching the tomb in which the sacred bones were placed, out of devotion of spirit he embraced the holy grave. His inner parts suddenly and wonderfully returned to their proper place and he felt himself healed. He laid aside his truss and was from then on totally free of his pain.

Through the mercy of God and the merits of Saint Francis, the following, as well as many others, were miraculously healed from similar infirmities: Brother Bartolo of Gubbio; Brother Angelo of Todi; Niccolò, a priest of Ceccano; Giovanni of Sora; a man from Pisa; and another from the town of Cisterna; Pietro from Sicily; and a man from the town of Spello near Assisi.

3A woman in the Marittima had lost her mind for five years and was unable to see or hear. She tore her clothes with her teeth and had no fear of the dangers of fire or water. And lately she suffered terribly from falling sickness she had contracted. But one night, as divine mercy prepared to show her mercy, she was brilliantly illuminated by the brightness of a healing light. She saw blessed Francis seated on a high throne, Is 6:1 and prostrate before him she humbly asked for her health. As he still had not granted her request, she made a vow, promising for love of God and the saint never to refuse alms, as long as she had them, to anyone who asked. The saint immediately recognized the same pact he had once made with the Lord,b and signing her with the sign of the cross he restored her to full health.

A truthful source reports that the Saint of God Francis mercifully delivered from similar afflictions a girl from Norcia and the son of a nobleman, among others.

4Pietro of Foligno went one time to visit the shrine of blessed Michael, but he was not making the pilgrimage very reverently. He drank from a fountain and was filled with demons. From then on he was possessed for three years, he was physically run down, vile in speech, and dreadful in expression. But as he had some lucid moments, he humbly called on the power of the blessed man, which he heard was effective in driving away the powers of the air. On reaching the tomb of the pious father, as soon as he touched it, he was marvelously delivered from the demons that cruelly tormented him.

In a similar way the mercy of Francis came to the aid of a woman of Narni who was possessed by a devil, and of many others, but the




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 948-950

ut glorificati iam Patris sanctissimo corpori honorem debitum exhiberet. 4Et appropinquans tumbae, in qua ossa sacra fuerant collocata, prae devotione spiritus sacrum tumulum complexatus, subito miro modo ad loca debita partibus revocatis, sanum se sensit, succinctorium deposuit et ex tunc ab omni dolore praeterito liber fuit.

5Ab infirmitate quoque consimili frater Bartholus de Eugubio, frater Angelus de Tuderto, Nicolaus sacerdos de Ciccano, Ioannes de Sora, vir quidam de Pisis et alius de castro Cisternae, Petrus quoque de Sicilia et homo quidam de castro Spelli iuxta Assisium et quam plures alii per Dei misericordiam et beati Francisci merita exstiterunt mirabiliter liberati.

3 1In Maritima mulier quaedam mentis alienationem per quinquennium passa, visu et auditu privata est, indumenta dilaniabat dentibus, ignis et aquae periculum non timebat et caduci morbi ad summum incurrerat horribilem passionem. 2Nocte vero quadam, cum disponeret sibi divina misericordia misereri, salutaris fulgore lucis superillustrata divinitus, vidit beatum Franciscum super solium sedere sublime, ante quem prostrata, sanitatem suppliciter exposcebat. 3Illo vero nondum favente precibus, firmavit mulier votum, promittens pro Dei amore ac Sancti petentibus, donec haberet, eleemosynam non negare. 4Illico Sanctus pactum recognovit, quod olim cum Domino simile fecerat, et signans eam crucis signaculo, integram sibi restituit sanitatem.

5A consimili passione puellam quamdam de Nursia et filium cuiusdam nobilis viri et alios quosdam relatione veridica compertum est Sanctum Dei Franciscum misericorditer liberasse.

4 1Petrus de Fulginio ad visitanda limina beati Michaelis quodam tempore pergens, dum minus reverenter peregrinationem peregit, fontis cuiusdam aquam degustans, a daemonibus est invasus. 2Et exinde per tres annos obsessus, discerpebatur in corpore, pessima loquens et horrenda praetendens; 3habens tamen aliquando lucida intervalla, beati viri virtutem, quam efficacem audierat ad effugandas aëreas potestates, humiliter requisivit et ad sepulcrum pii Patris accedens, mox ut illud contigit manu, a daemonibus crudeliter eum discerpentibus mirifice liberatus fuit. 4Simili etiam modo mulieri cuidam de Narnio habenti daemonium misericordia Francisci subvenit et aliis pluribus,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 674