The Miracles Shown after His Death - 664 

Let's call that Francis. He's a new saint; let him somehow dive into the sea and get our anchors back." The others agreed, seriously, not scoffing, with Perfetto's suggestion. Rebuking his scoffing words, by common agreement they made a vow with the saint. At that very moment the anchors were suddenly floating on the water with no support, as if the nature of iron had been changed into the lightness of wood.

2A pilgrim, feeble in body, from the symptoms of an acute fever he had recently suffered, was traveling from regions overseasa on board a ship. This man also had a special feeling of devotion for blessed Francis, and had chosen him as his advocate before the heavenly King. As he was not completely free of his illness, he was tormented by a burning thirst. As the water had run out, he began to shout loudly, "Go confidently, pour me a cup! Blessed Francis has filled my flask with water!" What a wonder! The flask that had been left void and empty they now found filled with water. Some days later a storm came up and the boat was being swamped by the waves and shaken by strong winds so that they feared they would be shipwrecked. That same sick man suddenly began to shout around the ship, "Get up, everyone, come to meet blessed Francis. He is here to save us!" And with a loud voice and tears he bowed down to worship. As soon as he had seen the saint the sick man recovered his full health; and, on the sea, calm ensued.

3Brother Giacomo of Rieti was crossing a river in a little boat with some other brothers. At the shore, his companions disembarked first, and he prepared to get out last. But that little craft accidentally overturned, and while the pilot swam, the brother was plunged into the depths. The brothers on shore with tender cries called on blessed Francis and with tearful sobs begged that he save his son. The drowning brother too, in the belly of a great whirlpool, could not call with his mouth, but called out from his heart as well as he could, imploring the aid of his pious father. See! With the help of his blessed father's presence he walked across the depths as if on dry land. He caught hold of the overturned little boat and reached the shore with it. More wonderful still, his clothes were not wet: not a drop of water clung to his tunic.

4A brother named Bonaventure was crossing a lake with two men when a side of the boat split, and, with the force of the water rushing in, he sank into the depths along with his companions and the boat. From the pit of misery Ps 40:3 [Vulgate, Ps 39:3] they called on the merciful father




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 932-934

6Invocemus istum Franciscum, qui novellus est Sanctus, si quo modo in mare se mergat et ancoras perditas reddat ». 7Consenserunt ceteri, non irrisorie, sed veraciter suasioni Perfecti, et ipsius obiurgantes irrisorium verbum, firmaverunt cum Sancto spontaneum votum; 8statimque in momento sine aliquo adminiculo nataverunt ancorae super aquas, quasi ferri natura versa foret in ligneam levitatem.

2 1Peregrinus quidam, invalidus corpore propter febris peracutae symptomata, quam fuerat ante perpessus, navi quadam subvectus, de ultramarinis partibus veniebat. 2Ferebatur autem et ipse ad beatum Franciscum praecipuo devotionis affectu et eum sibi apud caelestem Regem elegerat advocatum. 3Cum igitur necdum perfecte liber a morbo, sitis angustiaretur ardoribus, deficiente iam aqua, coepit alta voce clamare: « Ite fidenter, haurite poculum mihi, quia beatus Franciscus vasculum meum aqua replevit ». 4Mirum certe! Invenerunt vas aqua repletum, quod fuerat ante vacuum derelictum. 5Alio vero die, cum tempestate suborta operiretur navis fluctibus et procellis quateretur pervalidis, ita ut iam naufragare timerent, coepit idem infirmus subito clamore vociferari per navem: 6« Surgite omnes », inquit, « et beato Francisco venienti occurrite! Ecce, ad salvandum nos adest », 7sicque cum voce magna et lacrimis in faciem procidens, adoravit. 8Statim ad Sancti visionem omnem sospitatem resumpsit infirmus, et maris fuit tranquillitas subsecuta.

3 1Frater Iacobus Reatinus, cum in navicula parva fluvium quemdam cum aliis fratribus pertransiret, sociis primo super ripam positis, postremo se ad exitum praeparabat. 2Sed modico illo ligno per infortunium revoluto, rectore natante, frater mersus est in profundum. 3Invocabant fratres extra positi affectuosis precibus beatum Franciscum, et ut filio succurreret, lacrimosis gemitibus supplicabant. 4Submersus etiam frater de ventre gurgitis nimis immensi, cum ore non posset, corde clamabat, ut poterat, implorans pii Patris subsidium. 5Et ecce, auxiliante sibi beati Patris praesentia, per profundum sicut per aridam ambulabat, et demersam naviculam capiens, cum ea pervenit ad littus. 6Mirabile dictu! Vestimenta eius madidata non sunt, nec aquae gutta proximavit ad tunicam.

4 1Frater Bonaventura nomine, cum duobus viris per lacum quemdam navigans, confracta ex parte navicula propter aquae influentis impetum, demersus est cum navi et sociis in profundum. 2Cum autem de lacu miseriae misericordem Patrem Franciscum invocarent cum multa fiducia,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 664