The Miracles Shown after His Death - 662 

blessed Francis helped him, lifting the stone, and he jumped out without any injury, healthy, and unharmed.

8Bartolomeo, a citizen of Gaeta, was very hard at work on the construction of the church of blessed Francis. A beam, in an unsteady position, crashed down, and he was severely crushed, pinned down by the neck. Sensing that his death was imminent, and being a faithful and pious man, he asked one of the brothers for Viaticum. The brother was not able to bring it that quickly, and thinking he would die at any moment, quoted to him the words of blessed Augustine, "Believe, and you have eaten."a That night blessed Francis appeared to him with eleven brothers; he carried a little lamb between his breasts. He approached the bed, called him by name, and said, "Do not fear, Bartolomeo, because the enemy will not prevail against you. He wanted to keep you from my service. Here is the lamb you asked for: you have received it because of your good desire. What is more, by His power you will also obtain health in body and spirit." Then drawing his hand across the wounds, he told him to return to the work he had begun. The man got up very early the next morning, and the workers who had left him half-dead were shocked and amazed when he appeared, unharmed and happy, inspiring their spirits to love and respect for blessed Francis as much by his example as by the miracle of the Saint.

9A man named Niccolò from the town of Ceprano one day fell into the hands of cruel enemies. With beastly cruelty they struck him with blow upon blow, and did not stop their cruelty until they thought him dead or soon to die. When the first blows fell on him, Niccolò called out in a loud voice, "Help me, Saint Francis! Save me, Saint Francis!" Many heard his voice from far away even though they could not help him. When he had been carried home drenched with his own blood, he confidently affirmed that he would not see death as a result of those wounds, and that he did not feel any pain, because Saint Francis had come to his aid and begged the Lord that he be allowed to do penance. So, cleansed of blood and contrary to any human hope, he was rescued.

10The son of a nobleman of Castel San Gimigniano suffered from a severe illness; all hope was abandoned and he seemed near the end. A stream of blood trickled from his eyes, like the flow of blood from the severed vein of an arm. Other signs of death's approach appeared in the rest of his body, so he was considered as




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 929-931

assistente sibi beato Francisco et lapidem sublevante, absque omni laesione sanus et incolumis, lapidis proiecto pondere, prosilivit.

8 1Bartholomaeus, Gaietanus civis, cum ad constructionem cuiusdam ecclesiae beati Francisci non modicum desudaret, ruente trabe quadam infirmiter posita eiusque opprimente cervicem, fuit graviter conquassatus. 2Ipse vero mortem sibi sentiens imminentem, uti erat vir fidelis et pius, a quodam fratre viaticum postulavit. 3Quod frater ille tam celeriter afferre non valens, quia mori subito credebatur, beati Augustini verbum protulit dicens ei: « Crede, et manducasti ». 4Sequenti vero nocte beatus Franciscus cum undecim fratribus illi apparuit, et inter ubera portans agniculum, ad lectum eius accessit vocavitque illum ex nomine, dicens: « Bartholomaee, noli timere, quia non praevalebit adversum te inimicus, qui te in meo servitio voluit impedire. 5Hic est Agnus, quem tibi dari petebas, quem et propter bonum desiderium suscepisti, cuius etiam virtute consequeris utriusque hominis sospitatem ». 6Et sic per vulnera manum ducens, ad opus, quod coeperat, eum redire praecepit. 7Qui valde mane consurgens, et his qui eum seminecem reliquerant, incolumis et laetus apparens, admirationem intulit et stuporem, 8sed et ipsorum mentes ad beati Patris reverentiam et amorem tam exemplo sui quam Sancti miraculo excitavit.

9 1Quidam de castro Ceperani, nomine Nicolaus, in manus inimicorum crudelium incidit die quadam. 2Qui crudelitate ferali vulneribus eum super vulnera concidentes, usque adeo super miserum saevierunt, donec vel exstinctum crederent, vel protinus exstinguendum. 3Clamaverat autem Nicolaus praedictus, cum primos ictus exciperet, alta voce: « Sancte Francisce, succurre mihi! sancte Francisce, adiuva me! ». 4Hanc vocem a remotis audierunt quam plurimi, licet auxilium ferre non possent. 5Deportatus tandem domum, totus suo sanguine volutatus, fiducialiter asserebat, se mortem ex illis vulneribus non visurum nec etiam se tunc sentire dolores, quoniam sanctus Franciscus sibi succurrerat, et ut poenitentiam ageret, a Domino impetrarat. 6Quod et sequens confirmavit eventus; nam lotus a sanguine, continuo contra humanam spem exstitit liberatus.

10 1Filius cuiusdam nobilis in Castro Sancti Geminiani, valido languore detentus omnique ulterius desperatus salute, ad extremum usque perductus est. 2Rivus etenim sanguinis emanabat ab oculis eius, sicut ex vena brachii assolet ebullire, ceterisque propinquae mortis veris indiciis in reliquo corpore apparentibus, iudicabatur pro mortuo,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 662