The Miracles Shown after His Death - 661 

showing the least trace of a wound. And, what is even more amazing, she had for many years and up to that very hour suffered from almost uninterrupted headaches, but now was completely freed from them, as she herself later attested.a

5Some devout men gathered in the brothers's place at Corneto for the casting of a bell. An eight-year-old boy named Bartolomeo carried to the brothers a gift for those who were working. All of a sudden a great wind came up and shook the house; with great force it blew down the large, heavy door of the entrance onto the boy. It was feared that such a great weight pressing upon him had crushed him to death. He was so completely buried under its weight that nothing of him could be seen from the outside. Everyone present ran to him, calling on the strong right hand of blessed Francis. The father of the boy, however, could not move, his limbs frozen from grief. Vowing out loud, he offered his son to Saint Francis. Finally, the deadly weight was lifted off the boy, and there he was! The one they thought was dead appeared cheerful, like someone waking from sleep, with no sign of injury on him at all. When he reached the age of fourteen he became a Lesser Brother and later became a learned man and a famous preacher.

6Some men of Lentini cut a huge stone from a mountain. It was to be set over the altar of the church of blessed Francis which was soon to be consecrated. A good forty men strained to load that stone on a cart, but after several attempts the stone fell on one man and covered him like a tomb. In their mental confusion they did not know what to do: most of the men left in despair. But ten who remained plaintively invoked Saint Francis not to allow this man who was in his service to die so horribly. With renewed courage, those men then so easily lifted the stone that no one doubted that the power of Francis was involved. The man stood up, unharmed in all his limbs. What is more he recovered his clear eyesight, which earlier had been dimmed: further proof to all that the merits of blessed Francis have great power in desperate cases.

7A similar incident took place at Sanseverino in the Marches of Ancona. While a very large stone, brought from Constantinople, was being transported to the basilica of blessed Francis by the efforts of many, it suddenly tipped over on top of one of those pulling it. It appeared he was not just dead, but totally crushed too, but




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 927-929

ut nullius in ea laesionis vestigium appareret. 5Sed et, quod est amplius admirandum cum per longa tempora usque ad horam illam dolorem capitis quasi continuum habuisset, plene fuit ex tunc ab omnis morbi molestia liberata, sicut ipsa postmodum testabatur.

5 1Apud Cornetum, cum in loco fratrum ad fusionem campanae viri quidam convenissent devoti, puerulus quidam octennis, Bartholomaeus nomine, exenium quoddam fratribus pro laborantibus apportavit. 2Et ecce, subito ventus vehemens, concussa domo d, ostium portae grave quidem et magnum super ipsum puerulum ita valido proiecit impulsu, ut quem tam ingens pondus oppresserat letali crederetur collisione quassatus. 3Sic enim totaliter iacebat tumulatus sub pondere, ut nihil exterius appareret. 4Accurrerunt omnes, qui aderant, beati Francisci virtuosam dexteram invocantes. 5Sed et pater ipsius, qui, rigescentibus membris, se movere non poterat prae dolore, votis et voce sancto Francisco filium offerebat. 6Levatum est denique funestum pondus desuper puerum, et ecce, quem credebant mortuum, quasi suscitatus a somno, laetus apparuit, nullam in se prorsus praeferens laesionem. 7Igitur cum quatuordecim esset annorum, factus est frater Minor, vir postea litteratus et famosus praedicator.

6 1Homines de Lentino lapidem praegrandem absciderunt de monte, qui superponendus erat altari cuiusdam ecclesiae beati Francisci iam in proximo consecrandae. 2Cum autem fere quadraginta homines lapidem illum superponere vehiculo niterentur, repetitis saepius viribus, super quemdam hominem lapis cecidit et in modum sepulcri obtexit. 3Sed cum mente confusi, quid facerent, ignorarent, maior pars hominum desperata discessit. 4Porro viri decem, qui remanserant, lugubri voce sanctum invocantes Franciscum, ne in suo servitio sic horrende mori hominem pateretur; 5resumpto tandem corde, tanta facilitate lapidem amoverunt, ut nullus dubitaret, virtutem affuisse Francisci. 6Surrexit homo incolumis in omnibus membris, insuper et lumen recuperavit limpidum oculorum, quod prius habuerat obscuratum, ut sic omnibus daretur intelligi, quam in rebus desperatis beati Francisci merita validae sint virtutis.

7 1Simile quiddam accidit apud Sanctum Severinum in Marchia de Ancona. 2Dum enim lapis praegrandis, de Constantinopoli apportatus, ad basilicam beati Francisci multorum viribus traheretur, rapido lapsu est super quemdam trahentium devolutus. 3Cumque ille non solum crederetur defunctus, sed etiam totaliter comminutus, assistente sibi beato Francisco et lapidem sublevante,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 661