The Miracles Shown after His Death - 659 

all the brothers who had gathered for the translation and the chapter. I did not write the account of this miracle because I did not know of it, believing that papal testimony is a proof that surpasses any other assertion.a

Chapter III

 1In the vicinity of the City a nobleman named Rodolfo and his wife, who was devoted to God, had given hospitality to Lesser Brothers as much out of hospitality as out of love and reverence for blessed Francis. That same night the castle guard was sleeping at the very top of the tower. He lay upon a pile of wood on the top edge of the wall. Its fastening came loose, and he fell onto the roof of the palace, and then to the ground. The loud crash of his fall awoke the whole family and, learning of the guard's fall, the lord and lady of the castle, together with the brothers, ran outside. But the one who had fallen from that height was so deeply asleep that he did not wake, either at his double fall nor at the loud noise of the family running to him and shouting. Finally he was awakened by the hands of those pushing and pulling him, and began to complain about being deprived of pleasant rest, declaring that he had been sleeping sweetly in the arms of blessed Francis. When he learned from the others about his fall, and he saw himself on the ground, not up above where he was lying, he was amazed that he had not felt what had happened. He then promised before everyone there to do penance out of reverence for God and blessed Francis.

2In the town of Pofi, located in Campagna, a priest named Tommaso went with many others to repair a mill belonging to his church. He carelessly walked along the edge of the channel, where there was a deep gorge filled with rapidly flowing water, and suddenly fell and was thrust against the wooden blades whose force turned the mill. There he remained, pinned against the wood, unable to move at all. Because he was lying face down, the flow of water flooded his mouth. But with his heart he called plaintively on Saint Francis, since he could not do so with his voice. He remained there a long time, and his companions despaired of his life. With a struggle they turned the mill in reverse, and they saw the trembling priest thrown into the water's current. Suddenly there ap-




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 659