The Miracles Shown after His Death - 658 

up immediately, unharmed, as all marveled and rejoiced, and begged to be led to the church of blessed Francis, so that he could give thanks to him devoutly, because he knew it was thanks to his power that he had been wondrously revived.

6In the city of Sessa, in the neighborhood called "Le Colonne," a house suddenly fell, trapping a youth and instantly killing him. Men and women heard the crash of the house and came running from all around. Raising beams and stones here and there, they succeeded in restoring the dead son to his poor mother. She sobbed bitterly, and cried out in a pain-filled voice, "Saint Francis, Saint Francis, give me back my son!" She was not alone: all there implored the help of the blessed father. But since there was no sign of speech or feeling, they placed the cadaver on a bed, waiting to bury him the following day. The mother however, having faith in the Lord through the merits of His saint, made a vow to cover the altar of blessed Francis with a new altar cloth, if he would bring her son back to life. About the hour of midnight the young man began to yawn; warmth returned to his limbs; and he got up alive and well and burst into shouts of praise, and urged the clergy and all the people gathered there to give praise and thanks to God and to blessed Francis with joyful hearts.

7In Sicily, a young man named Gerlandino, from Ragusa, went out with his parents to the vineyard at harvest time. He crawled into a wine vat beneath the press to fill some skins. The wooden supports shifted, and the huge stones instantly struck his skull a lethal blow. The father quickly hurried over to his son, but he could not help him; he left him under the weight where it had fallen. Other vineyard workers rushed to the scene when they heard the loud wail and cry. Filled with great sorrow for the boy's father, they pulled the young man from the ruin already dead. But the father fell at the feet of Jesus, and humbly prayed that he give him back his only son through the merits of Saint Francis, whose solemnity was coming soon. He groaned his prayers, he promised works of piety, and promised to visit the holy man's body with his son, if he were raised from the dead. What a wonderful thing! Suddenly the boy whose body had been completely crushed stood up rejoicing in front of everyone, restored to life and perfect health. He told them to stop crying, and declared that he had been brought back to life through the help of Saint Francis.

8He raised up another dead person in Germany: the Lord Pope Gregory recounted this event in his apostolic letter on the occasion of the translation of the Saint. Through it he informed and gladdened




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 658