The Miracles Shown after His Death - 657 

of your name." Amazing! At these words the boy arose, called for a halt to the wailing, and said that as he was dying, he was led forth from his body, led along by blessed Francis, and led back by him.

4The barely seven-year-old son of a notary of the city of Rome wanted in his childish way to follow his mother who was going to the church of San Marco. Forced by his mother to stay at home, he threw himself from the window of the building and, shaking with a last tremor, he immediately breathed his last. The mother had not gone far, and the sound of someone falling made her suspect the fall of her treasure. She quickly turned back and discovered her son taken from her by that miserable fall. She turned avenging hands on herself; and with her cries of anguish moved the neighbors to tears. A certain brother named Rao, of the Order of Lesser Brothers, was on his way to preach there. He approached the boy and, full of faith, spoke to the father. "Do you believe that Francis, the saint of God, is able to raise your son from the dead because of the love he always had for Christ, who was crucified to give life back to all?" The father replied that he firmly believed it and faithfully confessed that he would forever be the servant of the saint, if only he could receive such a great favor through his merits. That brother knelt with his companion in prayer and urged the others present there to pray. With that the boy began to yawn a little, to open his eyes, lift his arms and sit up. In the sight of all, the boy, unharmed, immediately began walking, restored to life and health through the amazing power of the Saint.

5In the city of Capua a lad was playing carelessly with his friends on the bank of the river Volturno. From the bank of the river he fell into the deep. The force of the river Ps 46:5 [Vulgate, Ps 45:5] quickly swallowed him up and buried him, dead, beneath the sand. The children who had been playing near the river with him shouted, and a large crowd gathered there. All the people were humbly and devoutly invoking the merits of blessed Francis, that he might look upon the faith of the boy's parents, who had a great devotion to him, and save their child from the danger of death. Some distance away a swimmer heard their cries and approached them. After some searching, and having invoked the help of blessed Francis, he found the place where mud had covered over the boy's cadaver like a tomb. He dug and dragged him out, and was saddened to find him dead. Even though the crowd saw that the youth was dead, they still wept and cried out, "Saint Francis, give the father back his child!" The same phrase was also said by the Jews who had come, moved by natural piety: "Saint Francis, give the father back his child!" The boy got




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 921-922

nam et devotum sacrificium laudis pro tui honore nominis semper offeram Christo ». 8Mira res! Ad haec verba surrexit puer, et planctum prohibens, se morientem, eductum de corpore, per beatum Franciscum deductum asseruit et reductum.

4 1Cuiusdam urbis Romae notarii puerulus vix septennis matrem ad ecclesiam Sancti Marci euntem puerili more sequi desiderans, dum remanere domi compelleretur a matre, per fenestram palatii se proiecit, et ultima quassatione collisus, continuo exspiravit. 2Mater vero, quae nondum longe discesserat, ad sonitum corruentis praecipitium pignoris suspicata, celeriter rediit filiumque reperiens tam miserabili casu repente subtractum, protinus sibi ipsi manus iniecit ultrices ac dolorosis clamoribus totam excitavit viciniam ad lamentum. 3Frater vero quidam, nomine Raho de ordine Minorum, illuc se ad praedicandum conferens, propinquavit ad puerum et fide plenus ait ad patrem: 4« Credisne sanctum Dei Franciscum posse filium tuum a mortuis suscitare propter amorem quem semper ad Christum habuit, pro reddenda vita hominibus crucifixum? ». 5Quo respondente, se firmiter credere et fideliter confiteri servumque Sancti in perpetuum se esse futurum, si tantum a Deo munus per ipsius merita recipere mereretur, prostravit se frater ille cum fratre socio in oratione, ceteros, qui aderant, exeitans ad orandum. 6Quo facto, coepit puer aliquantulum oscitare, et apertis oculis brachiisque levatis, se ipsum erexit et statim coram omnibus ambulavit incolumis, per mirandam Sancti virtutem vitae simul redditus et saluti.

5 1In civitate Capuae, dum puer quidam circa ripam Vulturni fluminis cum pluribus iocaretur, incautus cecidit in profundum, quem fluminis impetus celeriter vorans, sub sabulo mortuum sepelivit. 2Proclamantibus autem pueris, qui cum eo luserant circa flumen, populosa illic multitudo convenit. 3Cumque universus populus suppliciter et devote beati Francisci merita invocaret, ut devotorum sibi parentum fidem aspiciens, prolem a mortis periculo dignaretur eripere, natator quidam procul adstans, clamoribus auditis, accessit. 4Et post inquisitionem, invocato tandem beati Francisci subsidio, locum invenit, in quo limus in modum sepulcri pueri cadaver obtexerat; quem effodiens et extra deportans, dolens defunctum inspexit. 5Licet autem populus, qui adstabat videret iuvenem mortuum, nihilominus tamen flens et eiulans proclamabat: « Sancte Francisce, redde puerum patri suo! ». 6Sed et Iudaei, qui venerant, naturali pietate commoti, dicebant: « Sancte Francisce, redde puerum patri suo! ». 7Subito puer, laetantibus et mirantibus cunctis, exsurgens incolumis,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 657