The Miracles Shown after His Death - 654 

terrified and stunned, so that by her screams she gathered the whole neighborhood.

The people of the household hurried in, and tried to force him back into bed, thinking he was in delirium, while he fought them off, insisting that he was cured, and showing them that this was so. At this they were stupefied, struck with such amazement that they all seemed out of their minds. They thought what they were seeing a fantastic vision, since they saw the man who just a while ago had been mangled with frightful wounds, and practically withered away, now standing before them in the pink of health and in high spirits. But the one who was healed said, "Do not be afraid! Do not believe that what you see is false, because Saint Francis has just left this place and has cured me completely of every wound by the touch of those sacred hands." As the news of this miracle spread, the whole town hastened there. Seeing the power of blessed Francis's stigmata by means of such an obvious miracle, they were at the same time filled with wonder and with joy, and extolled Christ's standard bearer with loud cries of praise.

It was fitting indeed that the blessed Father,
now already dead in the flesh, and living with Christ,
should give health to a mortally wounded man
by the wonderful manifestation of his presence
and the gentle touch of his sacred hands,
since he bore upon his body the brand marks
of the One who,
by His merciful death and wondrous resurrection,
had healed the human race
—which had been wounded and left half alive—
healing us by the power of His wounds.

6In Potenza, a city of Apulia, there was a cleric named Ruggero, an honorable man and a canon of its major church. He was weakened by illness, and one day he entered a church to pray. In the church there was a painted image of blessed Francis, showing the glorious stigmata. He began to doubt that exalted miracle, thinking it was an altogether unprecedented and impossible thing. As, inwardly, his wounded mind thought useless things, he instantly felt himself struck painfully in the palm of his left hand under his glove as he heard the noise of a shot, like that of an arrow from a bow. Instantly, as he was injured by the wound and stunned by the noise, he took off the glove from his hand, to verify by sight what he sensed through touch and hearing. Though there had previously




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 917--918

11At illa celerius currens et stare iam videns quem sepeliendum credebat in crastino, cum esset stupore vehementer perterrita, viciniam totam clamore complevit.

12Accurrentes autem sui, cum illum niterentur tamquam phreneticum in lecto reponere, et ille econtra renitens assereret et ostenderet se sanatum; tanto sunt stupore attoniti, ut quasi sine mente omnes effecti, phantasticum esse crederent quod videbant, quia quem paulo ante conspexerant plagis atrocissimis laniatum et totum iam marcidum, plena cernebant incolumitate iucundum. 13Ad quos ille qui factus fuerat sanus: « Nolite timere », inquit, « nolite credere inane quod cernitis, quia sanctus Franciscus modo a loco recessit et illarum sacrarum manuum tactu me integre ab omni plaga curavit ». 14Crebrescente tandem huius fama miraculi, accelerat populus omnis et videntes in tam aperto prodigio stigmatum beati Francisci virtutem, admiratione simul et gaudio replebantur Christique signiferum magnis laudum praeconiis extollebant.

15Digne quidem beatus Pater,
carne iam mortuus et vivens cum Christo,
praesentiae suae ostensione mirabili
et manuum sacrarum palpatione suavi
vulnerato letaliter viro sanitatem concessit,
16eum illius in se stigmata tulerit,
misericorditer moriens et mirabiliter surgens,
vulneratum genus humanum
et semivivum relictum plagarum
suarum virtute sanavit.

6 1Apud Potentiam, Apuliae civitatem, erat quidam clericus Rogerus nomine, vir honorabilis et ecclesiae maioris canonicus. 2Hic, cum infirmitate quassatus, die quadam ecclesiam oraturus intrasset, in qua erat imago beati Francisci depicta, gloriosa stigmata repraesentans, coepit de illius sublimitate miraculi tamquam de re omnino insolita et impossibili dubitare. 3Subito igitur, dum mente plagatus, interius cogitaret inania, in palma sinistrae manus sub chirotheca graviter se sensit esse percussum, sonitum audiens percussurae,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 654