The Miracles Shown after His Death - 653 

5In the city of Llerdaa in Catalonia a certain man called Juan, who was devoted to blessed Francis, happened to pass by one evening on the road where there was concealed a deadly ambush—not for him, actually, for he harbored no hostilities, but for another man who looked like him and who often was in his company. One of the men who lay in ambush leaped out of hiding and, taking him for his enemy, stabbed him with deadly blows, wounding him repeatedly, so there was no hope of his recovery. Indeed, the first blow he struck practically lopped off the man's arm and shoulder, and another thrust just below the man's nipple left such a gaping wound that his breath came out through the opening strongly enough to put out the flames of six candles at once.

The physicians pronounced his healing to be impossible, for gangrene had begun to set in his wounds, giving out such an unbearable stench that even his own wife could not bear it. So, since he was beyond all human aid, he turned with all possible devotion to beg the protection of the blessed Father Francis, on whom (as well as on the blessed Virgin) he had called with great trust even in the middle of the ambush. And behold, as the poor man lay all alone on his bed, unable to sleep and moaning Francis' name over and over, it seemed to him that someone dressed in the habit of a Lesser Brother came in through the window and approached him. This person called him by name and said: "Since you have placed your trust in me, behold, the Lord will deliver you." When the wounded man asked him who he was, he answered that he was Francis. And as soon as he said this, he approached the man's wounds, undid the bandages, and seemed to anoint all the wounds with an ointment. No sooner did he feel the gentle touch of those sacred hands, which had the capacity to heal by the power of the Savior's stigmata, than the gangrene was driven out, the flesh was restored and the wounds were closed, so that he was once again in perfect health. After doing this, the blessed Father disappeared. The man, feeling himself healed, burst out exultantly into shouts of praise to God and Saint Francis, and cried out for his wife. She hurried in at a run, and, as she saw the man standing up whom she had expected to bury the next day, she was utterly




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 915-917

5 1In Cathalonia quoque apud Ilerdam accidit, virum quemdam nomine Ioannem, beato Francisco devotum, quodam sero per quamdam incedere viam, in qua pro inferenda morte latitabant insidiae, non quidem ipsi, qui inimicitias non habebat, sed alteri cuidam, qui videbatur similis eius et tunc erat in comitatu ipsius. 2Exsurgens autem quidam de insidiis, cum hostem suum hunc esse putaret, tam letaliter eum plagis pluribus gladiavit, ut nulla prorsus superesset spes recuperandae salutis. 3Siquidem primo inflicta percussio humerum cum brachio pene totum absciderat, et ictus alius sub mammilla tantam reliquerat aperturam, ut flatus inde procedens circa sex candelas simul iunctas exstingueret.

4Cum igitur iudicio medicorum ipsius impossibilis esset curatio, pro eo quod, putrescentibus plagis, ex eis foetor tam intolerabilis exhalaret, ut etiam ipsa eius uxor vehementer horreret, nullisque iam humanis iuvari posset remediis, convertit se ad beati Patris Francisci patrocinium quanta poterat devotione poscendum, quem et inter ipsos ictus una cum beata Virgine fidentissime invocarat. 5Et ecce, misero, in lectulo calamitatis solitario decubanti, cum Francisci nomen vigilans et eiulans frequentius replicaret, adstitit quidam in habitu fratris Minoris, per fenestram, ut ei videbatur, ingressus. 6Qui vocans eum ex nomine, dixit: « Quia fiduciam habuisti in me, ecce, Dominus liberabit te ». 7A quo cum aeger, quis esset, inquireret, Franciscum ille se esse respondit et statim appropians vulnerum illius ligaturas resolvit et eum unguento per omnes plagas, ut videbatur, perunxit. 8Statim autem, ut sensit illarum sacrarum manuum stigmatum Salvatoris virtute sanare valentium suavem contactum, expulsa putredine, restituta carne et vulneribus solidatis, restitutus est integre pristinae sospitati. 9Quo facto, beatus Pater abscessit. 10Et ipse sentiens se sanatum et in vocem divinae laudis et beati Francisci laetanter erumpens, vocavit uxorem. 11At illa celerius currens et stare iam videns quem sepeliendum credebat in crastino, cum esset stupore vehementer perterrita,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 653