The Life of Blessed Francis - 649 

the faithful in their love
might be drawn to run after Christ.
It is truly fitting
that the blessed bones of one who,
through the grace of contemplation,
was pleasing to God, beloved by Him in life,
and borne by Him into paradise
like Enoch,
and of one who,
through the zeal of love,
was snatched up into heaven in a fiery chariot 2 Kgs 2:11
like Elijah,
that these blessed bones,
already blossoming among those heavenly flowers
of the garden of an eternal spring,
should flower again
with a wonderful permeating fragrance
from their place of rest.

9Just as that blessed man
had shone in his life with marvelous signs of virtue,
so from the day of his passing until the present,
in different parts of the world,
he shines with outstanding examples of miracles
through the divine power that glorifies him.
Remedies for all sicknesses, necessities, and dangers
are conferred
through his merits
on the blind and the deaf,
the mute and the crippled,
the paralytic and the dropsical,
the possessed and the leper,
the shipwrecked and the captive.
But also many dead are miraculously brought back to life
through him.
Thus the magnificence
of the power of the Most High Lk 1:35
doing wonders for his saint
Ps 4:3
shines forth to the faithful.
To Him be honor and glory
for endless ages of ages. Rom 16:27






Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 910-911

ut per odorem ipsius salvificum
affectus traheretur fidelium
ad currendum post Christum.
3Erat re vera condignum,
ut quem Deus in vita sibi placentem
et dilectum effectum
in paradisum
per contemplationis gratiam transtulerat
ut Henoch,
4et ad caelum in curru igneo
per caritatis zelum
rapuerat ut Eliam,
5eius iam vernantis inter flores illos caelicos
plantationis aeternae
ossa illa felicia
de loco suo pullulatione
mirifica redolerent.

9 1Porro, sicut vir iste beatus
mirandis virtutum signis in vita claruerat,
sic et a die transitus sui usque in praesens
per diversas mundi partes
praeclaris miraculorum prodigiis,
divina se potentia glorificante, coruscat.
2Nam caecis et surdis,
mutis et claudis,
hydropicis et paralyticis,
daemoniacis et leprosis,
naufragis et captivis
ipsius meritis
remedia conferuntur,
omnibusque morbis, necessitatibus et periculis subvenitur.
3Sed et multis mortuis
per ipsum mirifice suscitatis,
innotescit fidelibus
mirificans Sanctum suum
virtutis Altissimi,
cui est honor et gloria
per infinita saecula saeculorum.


Explicit vita beati Francisci.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 649