The Life of Blessed Francis - 648 

as a confirmation of faith
through miracles performed by the divine power.

In different parts of the world,
his glorious miracles
and the abundant benefits obtained through him,
inflamed many to devotion to Christ
and incited them to reverence for his saint.
The wonderful things
which God was working
through his servant Francis
—acclaimed by word of mouth
and testified to by facts—
came to the ears
of the Supreme Pontiff, Gregory IX.

7That shepherd of the Church was fully convinced of Francis's remarkable holiness: not only from hearing of the miracles after his death, but also from his own experience during his life. Having seen with his own eyes and touched with his own hands, 1 Jn 1:1 he had no doubt that Francis was glorified in heaven by the Lord. In order to act in conformity with Christ, whose vicar he was, after prayerful consideration he decided to glorify him on earth by proclaiming him worthy of all veneration. In order to certify to the whole world the glorification of this most holy man, he had the known miracles recorded and attested to by appropriate witness. These he submitted to the examination of those cardinals who seemed less favorable to his cause. This material was examined carefully and approved by all. He decreed, with the unanimous advice and assent of his brothers and of all the prelates who were then in the curia, that he should be canonized. He came personally to the city of Assisi in the one thousandth, two hundredth, twenty-eighth year of the Incarnation of the Lord, on the seventeenth day of the calends of August, a Sunday, and enrolled the blessed father in the catalog of the saints, in a great and solemn ceremony that would be too long to describe.

8In the year of one thousand, two hundred and thirty, when the brothers had assembled to celebrate a general chapter at Assisi, his body, dedicated to God, was translated on the eighth of the calends of June to the basilica constructed in his honor.

While that sacred treasure was being carried,
marked with the seal of the Most High King,
He whose likeness he bore
deigned to perform many miracles,
so that through his saving fragrance Sg 1:3




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 909-910

ad omnem fidei firmitatem
per miracula divinae potentiae
comprobaretur e caelo.

3Cumque in diversis orbis partibus
gloriosa eius miracula
largaque per ipsum impetrata beneficia
plurimos ad Christi devotionem accenderent
et ad ipsius Sancti reverentiam incitarent,
acclamantibus tam linguis
sermonum quam operum,
ad aures
Summi Pontificis, domini Gregorii Noni,
quae per servum suum Franciscum
Deus operabatur
magnalia pervenerunt.

7 1Sane cum idem pastor Ecclesiae non solum ex miraculis auditis post mortem, verum etiam experimentis in vita ipsius oculis visis et manibus contrectatis sanctitatem eius mirabilem plena fide certificatus agnosceret ac per hoc in caelis glorificatum a Domino nullatenus dubitaret, ut Christo, cuius erat Vicarius, concorditer ageret, hunc in terris reddere celebrem, tamquam omni veneratione dignissimum, pia consideratione disposuit. 2Ad omnem quoque certitudinem faciendam orbi terrarum de glorificatione viri sanctissimi inventa miracula et conseripta et testibus idoneis approbata examinari fecit per illos qui minus inter cardinales favorabiles negotio videbantur. 3Quibus diligenter discussis et ab omnibus approbatis, de fratrum suorum et omnium praelatorum, qui tunc erant in curia, concordi consilio et assensu canonizandum decrevit. 4Veniens itaque personaliter ad civitatem Assisii anno dominicae Incarnationis millesimo ducentesimo vigesimo octavo, decimo septimo kalendas Augusti, die dominico, cum maximis quae longum foret enarrare solemniis, beatum Patrem catalogo Sanctorum adscripsit.

8 1Anno vero Domini millesimo ducentesimo trigesimo convenientibus fratribus ad Capitulum generale Assisii celebratum, ad basilicam in honorem ipsius construetam corpus illud Domino dedicatum octavo kalendas Iunii translatum est.

2Dum autem ille sacer transportaretur thesaurus,
bulla Regis altissimi consignatus,
miracula plurima,
ille cuius effigiem praeferebat, operari dignatus est,
ut per odorem ipsius salvificum
affectus traheretur fidelium
ad currendum post Christum.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 648