The Life of Blessed Francis - 647 

of doubt in his own heart and the hearts of others. As a result, later along with others, he became a firm witness to this truth that he had come to know with such certainty; and he swore to it on the Gospel.a

5His brothers and sons, who had been called to their father's passing, with the whole multitude of people, Ez 27:33 spent that night in which the blessed confessor of Christ departed, in the divine praises. They did this in such a way that it seemed to be a vigil of angels, not a wake for the dead. When day was breaking, the crowds that had assembled took branches from the trees and carried his sacred body to the city of Assisi, with a blaze of many candles and hymns and songs. As they passed the church of San Damiano, where the noble virgin Clare, now glorious in heaven, was then living enclosed with the virgins, they stopped for awhile so that those holy nuns could see and kiss his sacred body, adorned with its heavenly pearls. Finally reaching the city with great rejoicing, with all reverence they placed the precious treasure they were carrying in the church of Saint George.

There as a boy he learned his letters,
there he later preached for the first time,
and there, finally, he received his first place of rest.

6The venerable father left the shipwreck of this world in the one thousandth, two hundredth, twenty-sixth year of the Incarnation of the Lord, on the fourth day of the nones of October, a Saturday evening, and was buried on Sunday.

the holy man began
to reflect the light radiating from the face of God
and to glitter with many great miracles.
Thus the sublimity of his holiness
which, while he was still in the flesh,
had been familiar to the world as a guide for conduct
through examples of perfect justice,
was approved from heaven
while he is now reigning with Christ Rv 20:4




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 908-909

dum vulnerum Christi veracia illa signa palpando contingeret, de sui et omnium cordibus omne « dubietatis vulnus amputaret ». 5Propter quod et ipse inter alios huius veritatis tam certitudinaliter agnitae testis constans postmodum effectus est, et tactis sacrosanctis, iuramento firmavit.

5 1Fratres autem et filii, qui vocati fuerant ad transitum Patris, cum omni multitudine populorum noctem illam, in qua Christi almus confessor decessit, sic divinis laudibus dedicarunt, ut non defunctorum exsequiae, sed Angelorum excubiae viderentur. 2Mane vero facto turbae quae convenerant acceptis arborum ramis et cereorum multiplicatis luminibus, cum hymnis et canticis sacrum corpus ad civitatem Assisii detulerunt. 3Transeuntes quoque per ecclesiam, Sancti Damiani, in qua virgo illa nobilis Clara, nunc gloriosa in caelis, tunc inclusa cum virginibus morabatur, ibique aliquantulum subsistentes sacrum corpus, margaritis caelestibus insignitum videndum et osculandum sacris illis virginibus obtulerunt. 4Pervenientes denique ad civitatem cum iubilo, pretiosum thesaurum, quem portabant, in ecclesia Sancti Georgii cum omni reverentia condiderunt.

5In eo siquidem loco puerulus litteras didicit,
ibique postmodum primitus praedicavit,
postremo ibidem locum primum quietis accepit.

6 1Transiit autem venerabilis Pater ex huius mundi naufragio anno dominicae Incarnationis millesimo ducentesimo vigesimo sexto, quarto nonas Octobris, die sabbati in sero, sepultus in die dominico.

2Coepit autem vir beatus
divinae faciei superirradiante respectu,
magnis et multis coruscare miraculis,
ut sublimitas sanctitatis eius,
quae, ipso vivente in carne,
ad morum directionem
per exempla perfectae iustitiae innotuerat mundo,
illo iam regnante cum Christo,
ad omnem fidei firmitatem
per miracula divinae potentiae
comprobaretur e caelo.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 647