The Life of Blessed Francis - 639 

wondrously apparent and visible in you or about you
following an order of time,
like six steps leading to the seventh
where you finally found rest.a
the cross of Christ,
both offered to and taken on by you
at the beginning of your conversion
and carried continuously from that moment
throughout the course of your most proven life
and giving example to others,
shows with such clarity of certitude
that you have finally reached
the summit of Gospel perfection
that no truly devout person
can reject this proof of Christian wisdom
ploughed into the dust of your flesh.
No truly believing person can attack it,
no truly humble person can belittle it,
since it is truly divinely expressed
and worthy of complete acceptance.




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 898

in te et circa te secundum ordinem temporum
mirabiliter exhibitis et monstratis,
quasi sex gradibus ad istam septimam,
in qua finaliter requiesceres,
pervenisti ».
7Christi namque crux
in tuae conversionis primordio
tam proposita quam assumpta
et dehinc in conversationis progressu
per vitam probatissimam baiulata
in te ipso continue
et in exemplum aliis demonstrata,
tanta certitudinis claritate ostendit
evangelicae perfectionis apicem
te finaliter conclusisse,
8ut demonstrationem hanc christianae sapientiae
in tuae carnis pulvere exaratam
nullus vere devotus abiciat,
9nullus vere fidelis impugnet,
nullus vere humilis parvipendat,
cum sit vere divinitus expressa
et omni acceptione condigna.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 639