The Life of Blessed Francis - 637 

up to his armpits to cover the wound on his side. Also the brothers who washed these or shook out his tunic from time to time, since they found these stained with blood, were convinced without any doubt from this evident sign of the existence of the sacred wound, which, after his death, they along with many others contemplated and venerated with unveiled face. 2 Cor 3:18

9Come now,
most vigorous knight of Christ,
bear the arms of your invincible Leader!
Visibly shielded with these,
you will overcome all adversaries.
Carry the standard of the Most High King,
by Whose gaze
all combatants of the divine army
are aroused to courage.
Carry the seal of Christ, the Supreme Pontiff,
by which your words and deeds
will be rightly accepted by all
as authentic and beyond reproach. Ti 2:8

For now,
because of the stigmata of the Lord Jesus Gal 6:17
which you carry in your body,
no one must trouble you;
rather every servant of Christ
must show you with all intensity greater devotion.

through these most certain signs,
not by the sufficient testimony of two or three witnesses,
but by the superabundant testimony of a whole multitude,
God's testimony about you and through you
has been made overwhelmingly credible,
removing completely from unbelievers
the veil of excuse,
while they confirm believers in faith,
raise them aloft with confident hope
and set them ablaze with the fire of charity.

the first vision you saw is truly fulfilled,




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 896-897

ut usque ad ascellas pertingerent ad vulnus lateris contegendum. 11Fratres quoque, qui illa lavabant vel tunicam excutiebant pro tempore, quia inveniebant ea sanguine rubricata, indubitanter per evidens signum in cognitionem sacri vulneris pervenerunt, 12quod postmodum in morte revelata facie et ipsi cum aliis plurimis contemplati simul et venerati sunt.

9 1Eia nunc,
strenuissime miles Christi,
ipsius fer arma invictissimi Ducis,
quibus munitus insigniter,
omnes adversarios superabis!
2Fer vexillum Regis altissimi,
ad cuius intuitum
omnes pugnatores divini exercitus
3Fer nihilominus sigillum summi pontificis Christi,
quo verba et facta tua
tamquam irreprehensibilia et authentica
merito ab omnibus acceptentur!

4Iam enim
propter stigmata Domini Iesu,
quae in corpore tuo portas,
nemo tibi debet esse molestus,
quin potius quilibet Christi servus
omni esse tenetur affectione devotus.

per haec signa certissima,
non duobus aut tribus testibus ad sufficientiam,
sed quam plurimis ad superabundantiam
testimonia Dei in te et per te
credibilia facta nimis
omne tollunt infidelibus
excusationis velamen,
6dum credentes in fide stabiliunt,
spei fiducia sursum agunt
et igne caritatis accendunt.

10 1Iam
vere impleta est prima visio,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 637