The Life of Blessed Francis - 635 

But after that blessed apparition
the hail stopped,
to the amazement of the inhabitants,
so that the unusually serene face of the sky proclaimed
the excellence of that heavenly vision
and the power of the stigmata imprinted there.

In wintertime because of his physical weakness and the rough roads, he was once riding on a donkey belonging to a poor man. It happened that he spent the night at the base of an overhanging cliff to try to avoid the inconveniences of a snowfall and the darkness of night that prevented him from reaching his place of lodging. When, however, the saint heard his helper tossing and turning, grumbling and groaning, since, as he had only thin clothing, the biting cold would not let him sleep; burning with the fire of divine love, he stretched out his hand and touched him. A marvelous thing happened! At the touch of his sacred hand, which bore the burning coal of the Seraph, the cold fled altogether and the man felt great heat within and without, as if he had been hit by a fiery blast from the vent of a furnace. Comforted in mind and body, he slept until morning more soundly among the rocks and snow than he ever had in his own bed, as he later used to say.

Thus it is obvious to certain witnesses
that those sacred marks were imprinted
by the power of Him Who,
through a seraphic activity,
purifies, illumines, and inflames.a
by purifying from pestilence,
with a marvelous effect,
they brought health, serene skies,
and warmth to bodies.
As after his death
this was demonstrated
by even more evident miracles
as we will later record in the proper place.




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 894-895

2Sed post illam apparitionem felicem,
non sine incolarum admiratione,
grando cessavit,
ut caelestis illius visionis excellentiam
et stigmatum ibidem impressorum virtutem
serenata praeter morem ipsa caeli facies declararet.

3Contigit quoque, eum tempore hiemali propter debilitatem corporis et asperitatem viarum hominis unius pauperis subvectum asello sub rupis cuiusdam prominentis pernoctare crepidine, ut nivis et noctis supervenientium quoquo modo declinaret incommoda; quibus praepeditus ad hospitii locum non valuerat pervenire. 4Cum autem vir sanctus hominem illum querulosis submurmurantem gemitibus hinc inde se ipsum iactare sensisset, tamquam qui tenui operimento contectus, quiescere prae frigoris acerbitate nequibat, divini amoris fervore succensus, manu illum protensa palpavit. 5Mirabile certe! Repente ad illius sacrae manus contactum, quae seraphici calculi gerebat incendium, omni fugato frigore, tantus in virum intus et extra calor advenit, ac si quaedam in eum vis flammea ex fornacis spiraculo processisset. 6Nam illico et mente confortatus et corpore, suavius inter saxa et nives usque mane dormivit, quam unquam in proprio lecto pausaverat, sicut ipse postmodum asserebat.

7Certis itaque constat indiciis,
sacra illa signacula illius impressa fuisse virtute,
qui operatione seraphica
purgat, illuminat et inflammat,
8cum ipsa forinsecus expurgando a peste
salutem, serenitatem
et calorem corporibus
efficacia mira conferrent,
9sicut et post mortem
est demonstratum
prodigiis suo loco posterius adnotandis.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 635