The Life of Blessed Francis - 634 

5After true love of Christ
transformed the lover into His image, 2 Cor 3:18
when the forty days were over that he spent in solitude
as he had desired,
and the feast of St. Michael the Archangel
had also arrived,
the angelic man Francis
came down from the mountain,
bearing with him
the likeness of the Crucified,
depicted not on tablets of stone or on panels of wood
carved by hand,
but engraved on parts of his flesh
by the finger of the living God.
And because it is good to keep hidden
the sacrament of the King,

the man aware of the royal secret
would then hide from men those sacred signs.
Since it is for God to reveal what He does for his own great glory,
the Lord himself,
who had secretly imprinted those marks,
openly revealed some miracles through them
so that the hidden and marvelous power of the stigmata
would display a brilliance of signs.

6In the province of Rieti a very serious plague broke out and so cruelly took the lives of cattle and sheep that no remedy could be found. A certain Godfearing man was told in a vision at night to hurry to the hermitage of the brothers and get the water in which God's servant Francis, who was staying there at that time, had washed his hands and feet, and to sprinkle it on all the animals. He got up in the morning, came to the place, secretly got the water from the companions of the holy man, and sprinkled it on the sheep and cattle. Marvelous to say, the moment that water touched the animals, which were weak and lying on the ground, they immediately recovered their former vigor, stood up and, as if they had had nothing wrong with them, hurried off to pasture. Thus through the miraculous power of that water, which had touched his sacred wounds, the plague ceased and deadly disease fled from the flocks.

7About the time the holy man stayed on Mount La Verna,
clouds would form over the mountain,
and violent hailstorms would devastate the crops.




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 893-894

5 1Postquam igitur verus Christi amor
in eamdem imaginem transformavit amantem,
quadraginta dierum numero,
iuxta quod decreverat, in solitudine consummato,
quoque solemnitate Archangeli Michaelis,
angelicus vir Franciscus de monte,
2secum ferens
Crucifixi effigiem,
non in tabulis lapideis vel ligneis
manu figuratam artificis,
sed in carneis membris descriptam
digito Dei Vivi.
3Et quoniam sacramentum Regis
abscondere bonum est,
ideo secreti regalis vir conscius
signacula illa sacra pro viribus occultabat.
4Verum, quia Dei est ad gloriam suam magna revelare, quae facit,
Dominus ipse,
qui signacula illa secrete impresserat,
miracula quaedam aperte per ipsa monstravit,
ut illorum occulta et mira vis stigmatum manifesta
pateret claritate signorum.

6 1In provincia namque Reatina pestis invaluerat valde gravis, quae boves et oves omnes sic consumebat crudeliter, quod nullum poterat remedium adhiberi. 2Vir autem quidam timens Deum nocte fuit per visionem commonitus, ut ad eremitorium fratrum festinanter accederet et loturam manuum ac pedum famuli Dei Francisci, qui tunc temporis morabatur ibidem, acceptam super animalia cuncta respergeret. 3Mane itaque surgens, venit ad locum, loturaque huiusmodi per socios sancti viri latenter obtenta, oves et boves languentes ex ea respersit. 4Mirabile dictu! Statim ut aspersio animalia languida et in terra iacentia quantumcumque paululum attingebat, pristino recuperato vigore, surgebant continuo, et tamquam nil mali sensissent, ad pascua festinabant. 5Sicque factum est, ut per virtutem mirandam aquae illius, quae sacras plagas contigerat, omnis prorsus plaga cessaret, pestilensque morbus a gregibus fugaretur.

7 1Circa praefatum Montem Alvernae, antequam vir sanctus ibi contraheret moram,
nube ex ipso monte surgente,
grandinis violenta tempestas fructus terrae consuetudinarie devastabat.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 634